8 Months and counting….

The time is just going so quickly at the moment, I cant quite believe it… This week Noah got to play with his Christmas Present from mummy & daddy: his Ark toys from Little People. He loved it so much. He was playing around with Noah and the animals and the Ark itself, he was quite happy to just sit there…

He is getting very clever, Its almost like he knows things now. Like how we will react to certain things he does, his reaction to stuff is changing and just the way he works out what to do next.. This video was Noah trying to watch In the Night Garden, but daddy was getting in the way:

We couldnt believe that he worked out how to do this, notice he uses his left hand to push Daddys left hand out of the way and the right hand to push the right hand away! Very clever…

Crawling progress – is still the same as it was before really! He just does it alot faster:

He loved his balloon and went zooming after it, as you can see above! Always the small things that cost nothing that they love 🙂

Lastly I just wanted to show you Noahs new thing:

I love it, he makes me laugh.

I am hoping to get a video of his naughty new smile, as he makes himself laugh doing it… 🙂 it really is a funny moment.

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  • Noah is growing up so fast, love all his new tricks. I really want to see his naughty new smile you must try and catch it on video. Love his crawling, if you do not have carpets in your house babies normally tend to not crawl they do a sluggy kind of crawl, its still cute either way. You need eyes in the back of your head now he is FAST 🙂 xxxxx

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