Today, we had another day in the garden. Some chill time and lots of fun with an #activity or two! Happy Sunday.

Daddy and I moved the old patio and rubble (which will have to live in our garden until the recycling centres open back up) and I think we’ve hidden it rather well. If you spot it I’ll be most impressed.

Where the rubble had been is now where you can see the outdoor dining area. It’s been out of action all winter, which we wouldn’t have used in any case. It’s opened the garden up even more now we’ve cleaned it all! It’s amazing how much space this garden has.

When we bought the house, the garden was full of stuff: rockery, pond, vege patch, pagoda and a 10ft greenhouse. It made the garden feel quite small, it’s amazing what a bit of hard work and a little vision can achieve. I knew this garden had the potential to be a perfect family space.

I cut the grass, tidied up some more of the bushes and watered everything. Whilst the kiddies played this game... they love it. But they do get rather competitive!

What activities have you been up to today?


Today, we had another day...

We made the most of the day today and it feels good! Whilst Daddy finished off the final 13 patio slabs (which look incredible), I sorted the garden.

I pruned all the bushes, weeded the flower beds, got rid of a lot of thorny weedyness, painted the potting shed door and filled an entire green bin. 😂 I even trimmed the grass edge with grass scissors.

I am loving the garden more and more. I hope that the sun keeps on shining so that we can get it looking how we want before Summer. Making the most of #lockdown. It was lovely as our neighbours on either side, both over 60, offered advice and help today. Deano nearly ran out of sand and one neighbour dropped some over the fence. It’s nice to have a sense of community even though we are all in our homes.

We’re looking forward to playing in the garden tomorrow and making the most of this space.

#myhousethismonth #mygardenthismonth

We made the most of...

We have joined the rest of the country and made a #rainbow design in our living room window. The kids have drawn one on a piece of paper and also used window felt pens to design a 🌈 on the pane itself. It looks pretty. The kiddies are very happy with them. They lit up when the neighbours asked for them to make them rainbows for the window.

I love this part of the front garden, you can just see the flowers are about to bloom any day now. Daffodils are hiding in amongst the tulips, hyacinths full of a deep purple, the Heather has come up a nice reddy purple too. By the front door there is a sea of purple from the aster (I think that’s what they are). Can you see the beautiful Camellia to the left of the kiddies too? It’s about to bloom with its bright pink flowers. The yellow Jasmine is just starting to grow on the right side of the kiddies, can you see it climbing up the wall?

There’s so much going on. It looks beautiful. I don’t remember it looking this pretty last Spring. Maybe I didn’t pay much attention. Or maybe these things have grown from random seeds I planted last year and forgot about. I can’t remember what I planted though 🤦🏼‍♀️ Does anyone else do that?

Have you seen many rainbows in the window of people’s homes?


We have joined the rest...

A very happy birthday to my first furbaby, Rambo. He is 13 today. I can’t believe he’s been in my life for 13 years, we’ve done so much and seen so many places. It’s gone so quickly.

He is so good, his temperament is just perfect. He’s not a yappy dog. He barks to mark his territory but that’s it. When the kids were toddlers, they would pull his fur out in clumps and he would just lay there. He cleans the other pets in the house and always makes sure the kids are safe at night time. It’s so cute. He’s such a loving, fatherly dog.

This little man is my follower at the moment; more so than normal. He follows me everywhere. If I’m on the loo, he will sit at the bathroom door staring at me. When I’m in the bath, he pushes the door open and sits next to me and stares. Right now, he’s currently snuggling under the duvet.

Let’s hope we can go and explore somewhere new in the summer, with amazing views and miles of countryside. Our favourite.

Thanks for all the adventures Rambo 🐾 and the snuggles! We love you lots.

A very happy birthday to...

I wonder what is going through their tiny minds right now? Do you think they consider things like we do? Do you think they #dream of what’s going on? The kids seem to be taking it all in their stride and albeit they are sad they can’t see their friends, they seem to be just getting on with it.

Whereas, I go through waves of different feelings. I’ve discovered I’m at my best when I just take each day as it comes. When I start to think about things globally, or the time period of lockdowns and when the kids are going back to school... that’s when I start to feel worried and glum.

I worry that my employer will soon say “sorry Sonia we’re not paying you anymore as you’re homeschooling”, or the worry that I’m not teaching my kids correctly and they’re missing too much of their education. Or the impact of isolation on the kiddies at this age, making friendships and building rapport with people.

I hope these are worries over nothing. And I know all of the kiddies in the world are in the same boat. But, as a parent you can’t help but worry.

So for now I’m trying not to think negatively. Trying not to think more than 1 day ahead (except maybe planning Easter Sunday dinner) and I’m trying to keep smiling. So my babies keep smiling.

Keep calm and carry on. Isn’t that the saying!


I wonder what is going...

This afternoons activity with Daddy looked like lots of fun: they gathered sticks and the kiddies built their own pile of firewood for a camp fire. They then sat around the fire pit to test whose camp fire would flame up the best!

Isla created a very structured camp fire, logical and a pattern to where she placed her sticks. Noahs looked more sporadic but covered a wider area.

Neither camp fires took fire, it was quite windy. So the kiddies enjoyed a hot chocolate and marshmallow around their piles of sticks.

They had fun though and that’s the main thing. I’m loving all of these practical tasks they’re doing with Daddy.

I’ve been waiting, all day, for someone to tell me it’s all a dream and we are still going to Dubai. But, unfortunately, no one jumped out screaming April #fool and alas, we are still at home. I’m gutted.

Lots to look forward to though and right now it’s about focussing on our main objective: stay at home at all times, unless to buy essential food & walk the dogs! I have actually loved being at home everyday. It’s my favourite place.


This afternoons activity with Daddy...

“We are very excited to try out this new food from Forthglade, it smells woofing delicious” 🐾 Straight from the doggies mouth!

I am very excited to announce that I am a new ambassador for @forthglade. What does that mean? Well, I get to try out the products and tell you all how good they are and get special offers and discounts for my followers too!

It’s such a strange time with lockdown, however finding out about Forthglade couldn’t have come at a better time. When I went to get our usual dog foods in the supermarket it had all sold out. So, resorting to online orders seemed a very natural thing to do to ensure our furbabies are fed.

This food is a minimum of 75% meat or fish and is free from junk. With Snoopy, he has a tummy condition which means we have to be careful what he eats, it’s perfect. We will keep you posted on what they thought! 🐾 #gifted

“We are very excited to...

🌼 April is here and along with it comes another set of photo keywords for #MummyPhotoADay photo challenge.

We should have been flying to Dubai today, so my insta squares would have been very different to what they now will be. I’m expecting to see lots of Spring colours and stay at home families instead this month.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday so I can comment and share my favourites throughout the month.

Does anyone have any creative stay at home plans for April?

🌼 April is here and...

How to clean your mattress for a better night’s sleep

We have a new mattress and keeping it clean from day 1 is essential. Did you know the quality of your sleep hugely depends on your sleeping surface. So the below tips on how to clean your mattress will be great if it is new or old. Deep cleaning around the house will never be complete without tending to your bed. When it comes to maintenance of your mattress, most people assume that changing the sheets and rotating the mattress is enough. But you need to do a TLC on your bed now and then. Besides, it is an important investment, and you want it to last for years.

Mattresses can harbor germs, dirt, bedbugs, and dust mites, which you need to eliminate regularly. Thus, mattress cleaning is a necessity, especially if you have allergies or you let your pet in your bed. If your mattress demands a little love, below are tips on cleaning it up.

Vacuum It

You should use the upholstery attachment in your vacuum cleaner to clean the bed. Take the mattress cover and the sheets out for washing, then vacuum all the sides of the mattress including every nook and corner. The strokes should be overlapping to suck in all dust, mites, and dead cells. Since the mattress could also have bedbugs, get the best bedbug treatment from a professional.  The treatment will exterminate the bedbugs forever from your mattress.

Get rid of that Foul Smell

Accumulation of stains and sweat often results in an unpleasant smell. The quickest way to get rid of the stink is through the use of baking soda. Dust baking soda particles on the surface of your bare mattress. Rub it into the fabric then leave it for about 15 minutes. The rubbing should be gentle to avoid causing damage to the bed. After the wait time, vacuum the mattress to suck in the baking soda.

Remove the Stains

Failure to clean fluid immediately causes it to sip further into your mattress fabric to form a stain. Urine and bloodstains can be particularly tough to remove. However, some affordable products can help you remove these pesky stains. Measure some hydrogen peroxide depending on how large your stain is, preferably 1/4 cup. Mix it with a tablespoon of uncolored liquid dish soap and salt about one tablespoon. Spread the mixture on your blemish and leave it for about ten minutes or until it dries completely. Scrape off the paste. You can remove the remaining stain by dabbing a cloth on the stain after dipping it in hydrogen peroxide.

Invest in a Good Mattress Protection

Now that your mattress is fresh and spotless, you must seek ways of protecting it. Investing in a good mattress protector is the best solution. After drying, cover your bed using a mattress protector. As it is impossible to prevent your mattress from catching dust and stain in its lifetime, getting a mattress protector becomes a necessity. It will ensure you have an easy time cleaning your mattress next time.

Upgrade Your Mattress When Necessary

Mattress cleaning is a way of extending the life of your bed and act as a way of treating yourself to some quality sleep. However, even the highest quality item gets spoilt. After serving you for over eight years, you should consider purchasing a new mattress.


Sleeping on a clean surface guarantees enough rest. Regular cleaning of your mattress will also lengthen your mattress life. New beds are expensive- it is better to clean up your mattress regularly and keep it fresh for many years.


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  • Susan Smith
    February 23, 2020

    I invested in mattress protecters when we brought new ones, some fab tips here, thank you for sharing

  • Lynne OConnor
    February 25, 2020

    Some fab tips but do you know the thinking behind the 8 year replacement theory? Surely it depends on the quality of the mattress

  • lynn neal
    February 28, 2020

    Great tips for keeping matresses clean and some of them would equally apply to other upholstery too!

  • zoe brown
    February 29, 2020

    great tips thanks

  • Sean
    March 2, 2020

    I have never really thought about deep cleaning the bed! Other than wash the sheets and mattress protector! I can see I will have to strip it down this weekend to give it a good blast with the hoover!

  • Paul Green
    March 4, 2020

    some great hacks there will have to try some

  • Karen hutchinson
    March 4, 2020

    Great ideas – will give them a go to see if my mattress will last a bit longer !

  • Sarah Mathieson
    March 4, 2020

    Some really useful tips here, we’re just about to get a new bed and mattress which we desperately need. Mattresses are an expensive investment so I’m definitely planning to look after ours using some of your tips.

  • Natalie Louise Gough
    March 4, 2020

    Fantastic advice!

  • Kerry Taylor
    March 8, 2020

    Great tips. I love getting into a fresh smelling bed, particularly with a clean mattress!

  • merry
    March 9, 2020

    My Mattress is probably the most neglected thing in the house when it comes to cleaning because frankly speaking I could never figure out how to clean a mattress. The points you have listed out are really helpful and i am going to keep my mattress spick and span.

  • Karen Radford
    March 10, 2020

    Thanks for the tips!

  • James McKenna
    March 14, 2020

    Great tips, thanks 🙂

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How to clean your mattress for a better night’s sleep

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