Noah has finally got to that age where he just loves Marvel and all of those fantastic characters. He is obsessed with Spider-Man and now Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, thanks to the wonderful Disney Store. Noah was sent some fantastic toys and the best dress up outfit I have seen for a little boy, Thor. The toys have been played with on a day to day basis, the dress up outfit has been wore pretty much daily too and that is saying something for little Noah. So below is a little guide to some fantastic Marvel toys and gifts, perfect for birthdays or just some summer fun:

Iron Man


This Marvel’s Avengers character lights up and talks, the Iron Man action figure really is such a fantastic toy. He is quite tall (approx 35 cms high), as I would assume he is in real life of course! Iron Man has 15 character phrases that he says in English when you press his chest button, the button also lights up when you press it. There is another button on his back that triggers his arm to move and a light on his palm lights up and he will say one of his cool Iron Man phrases. Friends have commented on how many different things he says which is great feedback, especially when those friends do not have children so they are just literally wowing the action figure. I love the fact that he stands up, on his own. Noah lines up the characters and saves the people from the bad guys. I love hearing him playing with the characters in his little Marvel make believe world. He is currently £22.95 on the Disney Store website.


IMG_5323.JPGHulk is an incredible action figure to own, even as a grown up I think you would just want to play with it. He is a little taller than Iron Man at 37 cms but that is realistic in terms of the characters bio’s. We had to watch the Hulk movie after playing with the Hulk action figure over the past couple of weeks, Noah is truly in love with his Hulk. He has these moving feet which are brilliant, you can position them and make him stand in the best Hulk poses so he really does look like a mini version of the real Hulk. He has over 16 character phrases too, which Noah quotes all the time and has even taken to talking like Hulk with that gristly voice. Not only does Hulk look and sound like the real thing, he has a punching action which completely knocks out the bad guys every time. Noah is really impressed. You can grab him for £29.95 from the Disney Store website.

Avengers figure set


The Avengers figure set is a collection of little figures from the Avengers cast: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Ultron, Vision and Captain America. They are fantastic little characters that are static but when you have an imagination like my children you can really do anything with them, the possibilities are endless. They are dinky enough to fit in your back pack too (they are 8cms high), so they really can go everywhere with you. I love the Hulk character, I know he is Noah’s favourite of the moment, but he does look good and who wouldn’t want the big green thing protecting you? You can buy this set from the Disney Store website for £12.95.

Thor Dress up and Hammer toy


Noah absolutely adores this Thor dressing up costume from the Disney Store, it will be perfect for birthday parties that are fancy dress and also perfect for before breakfast when you are having a game of Avengers in the playroom, obviously! The costume comes with the main armour for the chest, which has the red cape attached. The trousers are nice and stretchy so they go over jeans nicely. There are also two gauntlet gloves that are elasticated too and really finish the costume off nicely. I think it suits Noah, it must be his hair and he has not stopped playing with the toys whilst wearing the outfit, every given opportunity we are playing dressing up. You can pick up this costume for £35.95 and the personalised wrist strap is such a nice touch for a little boy. The great thing about this outfit is you can buy the Age of Ultron Thor lightning strike hammer toy to go with it. The hammer edges are soft so they do not hurt one another and thankfully they haven’t tried yet. Noah loves pressing the button to make it roar like thunder and shouting to everyone that he is going to save the people from the bad guys. As he moves around the hammer makes noise and lights up too which is set off by the motion sensors. He really does think he is Thor. The hammer is £23.00 and is the perfect finishing off piece to the ensemble.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018