With little Isla’s looming birthday on Sunday, with the big 3, I have been thinking about the things that have helped her and Noah develop over the years. The toys that really helped them to learn about colours, alphabets and shapes for example. The toys that helped them to develop their motor skills and logical thinking. It might not seem important to think about these things when they are newborns but those developmental toys are an essential part of being a little person. Here are some of the toys that are top of my list:



Newborn to 6 months

At this age Noah and Isla were relatively the same, the first time they grasped onto things were such wonderful moments and I managed to capture a lot of it on YouTube which was great. I found that soft toys were better, so they didn’t accidentally hurt themselves and bright, colourful and noisy toys were great fun. Activity mats were a big must, not only because it protected their preciousness from the floors but it was stimulating their senses with sounds, colours and textures. Soft rattles were great, this is what I coaxed Noah with when he held his first object. The look on his face when he grabbed that rattle and moved it towards him, his eyes were popping out of his head. It was incredible to experience.


6 months to 1 year

With Noah he was very into soft building blocks, building them up into towers and crashing them down again. He used to giggle a lot at those moments, it would entertain him for hours. Whereas Isla loved shape sorter toys, doing things with a more logical theme. She loves working out where the shapes go, puzzling over the options and of course giving it a little chew. The wooden shape sorter toys are a good idea as they helped with teething too. Toys that they could push and crawl too were a fantastic idea, they helped them and egged them on into crawling. As they both got nearer to the 1 year milestone they really enjoyed wooden shape puzzles, where you fit the shapes into a picture scene, they are both really good at them too. As they started to learn to walk they both loved their wooden push along animals, which helped them to develop their balance when walking and also have a little fun in the process.

1 year to 2 years

Between the ages of 1 and 2 they focussed more on puzzles, push a long cars with Noah and cuddly teddy bears to read to with Isla. Babbles and small words at a time of course. As Noah progressed through this year his development was largely stimulated with the great outdoors, but he did love his wooden train set and learnt a lot about trains over this year. He is a huge Thomas and friends fan. Isla was more interested in looking at book pages, puzzles and shape sorting toys still. She loved doodling on paper too, endless amounts of paper is found with lines and scribbles on them – works of art of course! As they could walk, stand tall and proud and concentrate better stacking toys became more popular with the two of them. They would play them together and also Noah would build up the soft bricks and knock them down again to make Isla giggle. It was amazing watching them play together and bonding.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018