I have been super lucky this weekend as I got to try out a stress free Christmas Dinner with COOK and have a practice run before the big day. We shared our yummy meal with friends and had a lovely Sunday eating delicious food, that took a grand total of 70 minutes to cook. I couldn’t believe how delicious the food was, how easy it was to cook and the quality of it all.

The idea behind COOK is that you get the most delicious food, delivered straight to your freezer and you cook it from frozen. What could be easier? There are expert chefs who cook using the best ingredients and cook the things as if you were cooking at home. After they have been cooked they are freshly frozen, locking in all the goodness. I love the fact your chef signs their name on the dishes too.

The new Christmas menu has so much to choose from, we had a meal for both the meat eaters and the vegetarians. We had Turkey, that had been wrapped in bacon and stuffed – the meat eaters said it was delicious. Hubby and I had the vegetarian Mushroom Wellington and that was amazing. The filling had a great mix of flavours. I loved it. The buttered carrots are something I will buy again, they tasted absolutely delicious. We had parsnips, sprouts with sage, roast potatoes and gravy.

My logic is that I needed to note down all the cooking times, then work out what needed to go in first and the differences in times between each dish. The longest cooking time was the turkey, with 70 minutes. Everything needed to be cooked at the same temperature, so that made it easy to cook it all. There’s nothing worse than trying to cook different things at different temperatures – at the same time. Next on the list we had the Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington at 50 minutes, so we had 20 minutes to set the table between each dish going in the oven.

Abbie, my best friend of nearly 20 years, and I do not cook very often. If at all. The thought of cooking roast dinners gives us anxiety and we usually leave it up to the men in our house. It was so nice to actually serve up a super tasty roast dinner, without getting stressed out. Because I had noted all the timings, I knew exactly what needed to go in the oven and in what order. It came together really easily. The men said it was nice to sit back and not have to cook.

Our verdict is… everyone said that it didn’t taste like frozen food. It tasted like someone had home cooked our dinner. It was so delicious. The food tasted good quality and the flavours the food had been cooked in. The sprouts in the sage – great idea and gave it a different flavour. The kiddies and grown ups stopped talking for a little moment as the food was so yummy, we all wanted to eat and eat. The kiddies loved the potatoes.

Make sure you stock up before Christmas as these dishes will go quickly, I can see why. They are delicious. Even I managed to cook a successful Christmas dinner with COOK. What would you choose for your Christmas meal?

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Last Update: Thursday, 21st November 2019