Keeping the dogs fit with a PitPat activity monitor

I track my steps, my exercise and my daily activity. So why not track the dogs too. I have always wondered what they should be doing each day, for their size and age. So when we were asked to try out the PitPat activity monitor on the dogs I jumped for the chance. It is really simple to use – it took me 2 minutes to set it up using the PitPat app.

There are 5 main concepts to the PitPat activity monitor:

Easy to use

They really were super easy to set up. Once you have downloaded the PitPat app to your smartphone, you set up your pets then link the monitors to each dog by pressing the paw button on the monitor. The monitors come with a velcro strap that wraps around the dogs harness – it was that simple.

Tailored to your dog

When you put your doggies details into the app it asks you questions about their age, weight and breed – it then tells you what you should be doing in terms of walks a day. It advised me that due to Rambos age (12 and a half) he should have 30 minutes of exercise a day and shorter walks more frequently. Whereas, Snoopy should have an hour a day as he is a bit younger and bigger. Albeit the app doesn’t understand Snoopys health issues, so we do walk him the same as Rambo.

Explore & learn

As the dogs move around and you use the app more, it allows you to learn more about your dogs. The app lets you understand how healthy your dogs are. It doesn’t get in the way of our dog walks, the dogs do not notice the monitor on their leads – so it means we can walk as normal. We can work towards badges, which is encouraging me to take them out and walk. We have done a lap of Stonehenge so far and working towards our next award.

Get detailed results

It’s quick to sync the data from the activity monitors, you can easily swipe between dogs. So I can see both dogs data quickly. I can see what amount of time the dogs have been walking, running and playing. It breaks down their activity into these sections. If the dogs wore these monitors all day then this would show how often they are resting throughout the day too, however they only wear them on a walk at the moment.

Share your success

I can share the data with Hubby so we can both monitor the dogs health via the app. I think it’s great that we can keep an eye on their activity together.

We love the PitPat activity monitors, they have really changed the way I think about walkies!


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Keeping the dogs fit with a PitPat activity monitor

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