Spending a lot is not what you want to be doing at this time of year, but we know it’s what everyone is doing. We’re heading towards the Christmas rush, and although it’s not December just yet, we think we’re close enough to the big day to be bringing it up. You’ll no doubt have been scouring the websites, picking up little odd presents from the shop, and really feeling like the festive rush is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. Well let’s see if we can save a little, so you can spend more on presents!

If you do love the festive season, then the rush might not be that much of a big deal for you. But the strain on your bank account just might be, especially if you know you’re guilty of splurging a little bit too much on people at this time of year. So before the rush does hit you like a ton of bricks, it might be good to see if you can quickly cut down some of the areas in your life where you might be spending a little bit too much.

We’re not going to give you some big drastic ways of saving money, but we are going to point out a few ways where you can save a little where you might currently be saving a lot. So, keep on reading, and see if you need to cut back in these areas.

Random Subscriptions

This is one that most of you are going to be guilty of, so perhaps you can relate and take away some of the information and make a few changes. Random subscriptions always start with one, and the most common one is Netflix. A staple to nearly every household, and depending on how old your children are, there might even be multiple subscriptions going on in the household, where there only needs to be one. But then you’ll see something advertised on Amazon Prime video, that can only be watched through that. So you subscribe. Then you realise you can get Now TV and watch TV and films, so you subscribe. But you’re also subscribed to a broadband and television package, meaning you also get an array of channels and films on there. So you see, you’ll most likely have so many different ones that you could cut out of your life, and that’s just in terms of the things you can watch on your TV! There will be so many more that you no doubt have. From beauty box subscription, to food deliveries, we seem to love them all. So write down all of the things that you’re subscribed to at the minute, and see what it totals to. If you’ve got a long list and the total is high, start cutting some out. If your list is short, maybe there are other areas of your life that you can cut down a little bit.

Sky High Phone Bills

Sky high phone bills are becoming more common at the minute, because people are willing to pay such a large amount to get what new phone they want, and some of the new phones at the minute are being sold on ridiculous contracts. So, you have to wonder, is there any point in paying such a high phone bill, when you could take a longer route that would pay off. What you could do, is get a cheaper phone, and a really cheap phone contract, such as the ones offered by SMARTY Mobile. You could then have that cheaper contact for so long, all whilst saving to buy a brand new phone outright, and getting a sim only contract. You will honestly save so much money by doing this, even if it does take a little longer to do so. You won’t be tied into a contract, you’ll have the freedom of owning the phone right away, and you’ll just feel like you’ve actually accomplished something. You might also be struggling with your landline bill, because to get a deal where you’re not paying for calls all day long, means you’ll be paying such a large amount. And if not, you’ll be getting charged such a large amount. So why not cut out the landline altogether, and just have your mobile. You will save a hell of a lot each month, by only having to pay for the broadband and television.

Your Weekly Shop

Your weekly shop is one that will go up and up as your kids grow older. Right from the moment you become a parent, that weekly shop filled with nappies and baby food makes you realise how good you had it beforehand. And it’s only going to get worse as they get older and they need more food in their system, and more treats to keep them happy. So to keep your weekly shop down, there are a few things that you can do. One of them is shopping at discount stores, rather than going for the normal supermarkets that you go for. There are so many stores selling their own brand of items, and selling cheaper items that taste and look pretty much the same. You could seriously cut your shopping bill down by half each week by doing this. You should also choose your meals wisely, thinking of ways that you can include meals with the same ingredients, so you’re getting more out of what you buy, meaning you have to buy less!

The Demands Of Parenthood

The demands of parenthood are definitely one that we can all relate to, and buy demands, we mean the things we have to do to keep our families functioning and happy. This can be anything from fabulous birthday that cost a fortune, to weekend family trips out to make sure your kids’ lives are enriched. To cut this down, we recommend couponing, and always searching for something to do that’s free. Doing things as a family doesn’t have to be big and extravagant, it can simply be going to the park and having a family day out playing games.

What tips do you have to save a little = so you can refocus your spending? I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Friday, 22nd November 2019