What better way to pass an hour, or two, than to create a fun bathtime activity for the children. My kiddies love playing in the bathtub and shower. They would spend hours in the bathroom if they could. Swimming pools are closed and the weather isn’t warm enough for a paddling pool just yet, so we put on our swimming costumes and went into the bathroom for some indoor, stay at home, fun during lockdown. Using our new Kids Stuff Crazy products we played lots of games.

Kids Stuff Crazy

Magical Sparkling bubble bath

This Magical Sparkling bubble bath transforms the water into a sparkly lagoon that made Isla’s eyes light up. She just loves anything sparkly. The bubble bath is mild which is perfect for Isla too as she is quite sensitive with bath products, it is great for Isla. It leaves the skin feeling soft and squeaky clean! Lots of bubbles means lots of fun – build a sparkling bubble castle or play bubble clap (this is the kiddies favourite). Bubble clap is where you make a bubble sandwich with your hands and then clap – the bubbles fly everywhere. It’s slightly messy but the children do love it.

magical sparkling bubble bath

Foaming soap

This stuff is amazing and both kiddies love it. It cleans like a soap, but it moulds like a toy. It is also mild and gentle on the skin like the bubble bath, again perfect for sensitive skin and it cleans well. The most fun with this though is the fact you can mould it and play with it. You do not have to use it in the bath or shower, you can make a sensory board for the children: hide toys in the foam and get them to find it using their fingers. It’s lots of fun. Isla had fun playing with her dolls and foaming soap in the bath. She got lost in the bathroom for hours.

Foaming soap

It is so much fun having something different to do at bath time, it’s also nice seeing the children play together nicely and come up with fun and creative ways to play. All of these products are available at Superdrug; the bubble bath is £2.49 and the foaming soap is £1.99. There are a lot of fun activities and videos on the Crazy for Kids website too! Great fun for a lockdown activity.

Below are some of our photos of happy faces making squishy foam shapes and playing in the bath!