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How do Escape Rooms work?

Ever since the first escape room opened in 2007, they have spread from Japan to Eastern Europe to the United States. The rooms are great for bonding with friends and corporate team building. I absolutely loved it. You may be thinking of hosting an event at one of these rooms, but wondering what exactly they entail. Are they dangerous? Will someone be able to participate if they are physically challenged? Is an escape room appropriate for children? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Escape rooms are safe, accessible and fun for the whole family. It helps to know a bit about what to expect before you make your first visit.

Educational games are extremely popular with parents right now; kids get to enjoy playtime, while their parents rest assured that they are still learning something useful. But even though most of these fun, educational games involve computers and technology, that doesn’t mean that classic children’s games have nothing valuable to teach your children. Granted, some games…

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