A family walk in the woods

Last Sunday morning we took a walk in the woods near our home, literally a 10 minute drive and we ended up in a great spot. Perfect for autumnal photos too as there was a nice long row of trees either side of the leafy scattered path ways. The children were free to roam about and have fun safely, the perfect kind of family walk in the woods! 


We started off at this hay bale tower, as soon as I saw it I said to Daddy we must go and get some photos by it. The contrast of the colourful hats and scarves against the natural cream colour worked really well. On our walk we found so many places to sit and ponder, we found a lot of logs too and one big old trunk. I explained to the children how the rings in the section of the trunk indicates how old the tree is. We stood and counted… this particular tree was 166 when it was chopped down. Can you imagine what that tree has seen in it’s life? It amazes me. 

We walked on further and found a nice leafy section where the children had great fun throwing the leaves in the air and at each other. It’s nice watching them be free and play happily, without a care in the world. We also played zombies as Halloween was coming up, we thought it would be funny and I like this shot of them walking along – they really do look like zombies. 


On our way back to the car we found another little area where the trees were slightly younger and they were able to climb in between the branches and they had fun playing peekaboo. I love this photo of my cheeky girl. I love these photos in general. The children look so grown up and snuggly in their wooly hats, both sets are from Next


Country Kids
Photos taken by Custardface Photography 

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