The infamous due date has finally come around and we are 40 weeks pregnant today, I cannot believe how quickly it has got here and how much faster this whole pregnancy has been this time around.

This week I have had really bad tummy cramps and more recently I have had back pains too, I am guessing this is all a sign that my body is getting ready for baby to come and say hello. I have also been experiencing a lot of stinging pains – which I am informed is where baby is resting its head, so thank you little one. Its putting pressure on some nerves that is making it sting everytime I walk around, some steps more painful than others – along with the SPD it is a little bit frustrating, but I know it will be over soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow- but definitely within the next 2 weeks! That is scary…

My first week of maternity leave has been nice, its been lovely spending time with Noah as I am really conscious about how he might feel when we come back with a newborn and our family changes from 3 to 4. So I have been making more of an effort to play with Noah and we have been learning about books, thanks to a great product – LeapFrogs Tag Junior (everyone needs one) and Noah loves lions so we have been learning lion sounds and also the word birdie. Whilst he feeds himself in the conservatory we watch the birdies and listen out for them. Now I am comfortable with Noah’s dinnertime habits and that he can feed himself, it will make life easier to be dealing with the pair of them in the not so distant future.

Everyone is still convinced I am having a girl, but so far the “theory” isn’t playing up to the reality; girls usually come early I have been told and this one certainly isn’t on planning to come early. The lovely @edspire had her baby girl this week and she was due the same date as us, lovely Matilda Mae entered the world on the 2nd May and looks totally adorable. So happy for them – but its made me feel very, very impatient now! You can see her blog here:

Bumpometer Update

Weight: 9.8st

Measurement: 104.5 cms



Note to Baby C
“Daddy has a wedding shoot today and therefore cannot be with us, so can you make sure that you stay in my belly at least until he returns home this evening as we would really like Daddy to be there, wouldn’t we? Looking forward to meeting you very soon… Love from Mummy”


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Last Update: Saturday, 5th May 2012