🍦 Tell me you’re on holiday without telling me you’re on holiday!

How much do you think these ginormous ice creams cost? 😱

#mummyphotoaday ~ ice cream

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The views yesterday were absolutely stunning. Woolacoombe you didn’t disappoint. 

The sea was so calm, which I loved but the kiddies wanted waves to bodyboard through. I actually went in the sea. It was quite warm in the shallows.

As the sun reached near its setting place the reflection on the sea was mesmerising. I could have sat there all evening.

More beach days please 🙏🏻 Have you been to the beach this Summer?

#mummyphotoaday ~ views 

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My sunset views. The entire day spent travelling was totally worth it. Fresh sea air in my lungs…

We are all together again. Happy holiday! ☀️ 

Are you travelling around the UK this Summer? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ together

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It’s not quite the Devonshire coast, but it’s not bad for on my doorstep. Whilst Hubby has been in the sea all day with the kids, we’ve been chilling in the evening sun.

It was nice in the park as it’s soo open. The breeze cooled us down. I sat there with the dogs & it felt like we were on our own in the park. No one around. So peaceful.

Did you get out in the sun today?

#mummyphotoaday ~ own

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When Hubby sends you a photo of your babies washing up… Isla cooked them dinner and cleaned up afterwards too. I’m impressed.

It’s lovely that they are starting to get more involved. They’re so grown up. And they look super happy too!

Are you camping this Summer? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ camp

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Preparing for your first baby

Preparing for your first baby

What with my first baby, Noah,  turning 7 yesterday, I thought it would be good to write down some helpful tips for new Mums out there. Having your first child is a very scary and exhilarating time. There is so much information out there to help you get through it, and your mother and other family members to help you and give you advice. The most important thing you need to remember is that you are not alone, and that help available – all you need to do is ask. Knowing about what you need to do to prepare for your first baby can help you in terms of stress and getting ready for your little one’s birth:VIEW the POST

My Birthing Story – Do you have Husband and Mum in the delivery suite?

My Birthing Story – Do you have Husband and Mum in the delivery suite?

I recently saw a big topic over on mumsnet this week about who to have in the delivery suite with you. There is a debate over whether to have Mum, or partner and whether the partner would feel left out if the Mum went in with you. Well, I had both in the room with Noah, my first, and I am extremely glad I did have them both. VIEW the POST

How digital technology has improved care before, during and after giving birth

As our health care system develops and evolves, the focus is centered around improving patient care and satisfaction, improving the health of the population, and reducing costs of health cares. Due to this, more hospitals are increasing the number of labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) rooms which provide continuity of care and increased patient satisfaction. These rooms are just one of the ways in which digital technology has improved care for women in all stages of childbirth, designed to provide a comfortable, home-from-home atmosphere which is large enough to accommodate all medical and technological needs compared to the traditional labor and delivery room.

My Birthing Story – the afterbirth

My Birthing Story – the afterbirth

It was approximately an hour after birth, I was having the magical moments with our new baby daughter and I was starting to feel a bit faint, I wasn't quite with it and I could feel my brain slowing down, almost like I couldn't talk properly and people were there but not there, if that makes sense. I could also feel gushes of blood coming out, which I assumed to be normal at this point, as I know it's normal to loose blood. Jane came back into the delivery suite and explained that she had checked the placenta and there was a little piece missing!VIEW the POST

My Birthing Story – Isla Rae Constant

My Birthing Story – Isla Rae Constant

Our appointment was 8am but until we got there we didn't know that they do not induce you until at least 24 hours after your waters break, just in case you do go into labour naturally. I am sure there are other reasons for this, but I am not 100% what they are! Hinchingbrooke have a policy now where if your waters break you are left no longer than 24 hours before they induce you, due to risk of infection, I was told this has very recently changed from 48 hours. My midwife said that it was new to them seeing someone like me in hospital as usually mums go into labour naturally. So there we were, ready to be induced, little did we know that we would have a long wait on our hands that morning. The first thing our midwife, Sharon, wanted to do was to check the baby's ...

The calm before the storm…

It was Saturday, my due date (5th May 2012) and I was feeling very poorly, I’d had braxton hicks all day and it got to about 10pm and I started feeling sick, I had a fever, diarrhoea and the braxton hicks felt a lot worse. I managed to get myself to sleep, only to be woken up in the middle of the night with mild contraction feelings: they passed after an hour and I went to sleep again. I woke up Sunday to have absolutely nothing! Bank holiday Monday, we tried 2 of the things that you are advised to do, to spur on labour but they didn’t work… Still no baby! Tuesday I had braxton hicks all day and evening, but by this time I wasn’t thinking anything of them because I just thought that this baby is never going to come out… Wednesday I had again a lot…