So, I may have got a bit into Happy Valley last night and lost track of time & forgot to post. I hadn’t started it but it looked like the kind of program I would like & I wasn’t wrong.

I’ve started from the first episode. So no spoilers in the comments please. Episode 3 though 😩 I didn’t expect that one…

Anyone else thoroughly hate Tommy?

This was the photo I was going to post. Our Wintery trip to the beach with our @charliemcleod1z jackets on to keep us dry and warm. We love them. It’s good to have the right equipment to enable you to get outside as much as possible. Especially on those sunny Wintery days…

#mummyphotoaday ~ outdoors

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I loved this photo of me & the old man. Despite me crying on the majority of this walk & it looks like I have a wonky eye, because of my hat… I do love it.

Snoopy is so goofy and I think this photo shows off his personality perfectly 🤣 He’s never been a sharp pup. But man is he a good snuggler…

It was a lovely walk, despite the tears, and I’m glad we explored in and around the green. Snoopy and I managed about 1500 steps in an hour. Snoopy wants a sniffathon, rather than a walk.

Anyone else love taking goofy photos of their pets?

#mummyphotoaday ~ lovely & green

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“February is the border between Winter and Spring” Terri Guillemets.

I saw this quote recently, on someone’s insta square, and for the life of me I cannot remember where I saw it. But I love it.

It’s such a transformative month and I get all excited seeing the new buds sprouting above the surface. New beginnings.

With each new Spring comes new beginnings. New blooms in the garden, new colours and new weather.

I’m looking forward to many more walks in the Wintery Sun & filling my lungs with fresh air.

What do you love about February?

#mummyphotoaday ~ new beginnings

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Today marks a month since we lost our little Rambo. We’re still trying to heal but, as all the advice said, it is getting a little lighter to carry the grief each day.

Isla still isn’t sleeping very well and when it gets towards the end of the evening, we’re all a little out of sorts. Simply, we miss him so much.

I’m going to brave it and write a blog dedication to my little best bud, I haven’t felt brave enough yet. He was such a lovely dog, also a bit weird & funny, it will be nice to share his stories.

I love this photo of the 3 of them snuggling. This was just before Christmas. This is quite often what view I would have behind my desk… my little snugglers!

Do you take loads of photos of your pets snuggled in different ways? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ heal

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The Winter Sun has been so beautiful over the last few days.  I think today we’re going to see a change to cloudy skies.

I love this photo. The low sun and the kids having a little adventure. I spend a lot of my time watching them interact. I guess that’s a big part of parenthood. Learning and growing.

Have you been making the most of the weather?

#mummyphotoaday ~ parenthood 

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A little corner of my office… I spend most of my week here so it’s nice to pretty it up sometimes. I even managed to blur out the water marks on the windows (they need a good clean).

My tax return has been submitted and my assignment has too! Quite a day for submissions and I’m relieved. I’m in the last year of uni and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had to complete it. I am focussed on finishing, which is giving me the mindset to get it done.

What did you do today that your relieved about? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ corner

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Daddy = “Kids please don’t try and walk on the ice”….
Kids = ☝🏻

They kept edging towards the pond, “I just want to break the ice”. They did make me laugh. And yes, they ignored the instructions. But they did only tap the ice with their toes.

It made for a little adventure this afternoon. I love this Winter sun!

Do your kids love standing on frozen puddles?

#mummyphotoaday ~ adventure

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40 Week: Bumpometer

40 Week: Bumpometer

The infamous due date has finally come around and we are 40 weeks pregnant today, I cannot believe how quickly it has got here and how much faster this whole pregnancy has been this time around.This week I have had really bad tummy cramps and more recently I have had back pains too, I am guessing this is all a sign that my body is getting ready for baby to come and say hello. I have also been experiencing a lot of stinging pains - which I am informed is where baby is resting its head, so thank you little one. Its putting pressure on some nerves that is making it sting everytime I walk around, some steps more painful than others - along with the SPD it is a little bit frustrating, but I know it will be over soon. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow- but definitely within the ...

37 Weeks: Bumpometer

37 Weeks: Bumpometer

This week has been quite hard, in a number of ways... Firstly because Noah wasn't walking, it meant a lot of picking him up and carrying him to places, it also effected the way he plays because he was depending on me to entertain him more so than normal. This did get better throughout the week & I can safely say he's been walking around all day today for the first time, well, hobbling along is more appropriate! I haven't been feeling any pains or anything like that but I have been feeling extremely exhausted this week, more so than last week & I have also been getting tightenings again. Not so much breathtaking or painful, just more uncomfortable at the moment. It's quite uncomfortable at night when I'm lying in bed, it gets really hard and I cannot seem to get into a good position. Another reason why the ...

36 Weeks: Bumpometer

I cannot believe yet another week has passed so quickly, where is all this time going? I can only assume that Noah keeps me so occupied and doesn’t allow me the time to sit and ponder on the bump as much that it’s just zooming past. It only seems a few weeks ago that we were having a scan and planning on telling people, it’s madness. This week has been OK, no real major things happening. I am getting a lot of fetal movement and a lot of cramps, what feel like period pain. I think because of the SPD I am getting a burning feeling in my top left leg/hip area, a hot water bottle helps with that though, so that’s good. I have had many more Braxton Hicks contractions, some are a lot worse than others, but nothing that compares to the real ones – I can safely…

35 Weeks: Bumpometer

35 Weeks: Bumpometer

Where do I start today? It's been non stop, but lots has now, finally, been sorted... First stop: physio Well after 10 whole weeks I finally got my appointment and I have a groovy new support belt and exercise routine to do. The appointment was over pretty quickly, with Noah in tow it was probably a good thing. He would soon start playing up if I was in there longer. So, from here, we just use the belt everyday, which should provide enough support to help me sleep better at night and I complete the exercises given to me in my information guide. I am looking forward to having the last few weeks of pregnancy with número 2 a little less painful, so that I can enjoy being pregnant like I did with Noah. Next stop: midwife 35 week and 3 days check, to be precise! The first appointment where little man has ...

34 Weeks: Bumpometer

34 Weeks: Bumpometer

Can you believe how quickly the time is going? 34 weeks, which means only 6 to go... Where is the time going? We have been buying/sorting and cleaning this week, hubby got cracking on it too - so its not just the mums that nest. We had to go and buy a new chest of drawers for our new little editions arrival (so we had somewhere to put all the clean and fresh newborn vests and sleepsuits). It turns out that all our newborn and 0-3 month clothes are all neutral which is fantastic, so they will all be suitable regardless of the flavour of numero 2. And look what we found: These were a gift from Dommie Doodle when little Noah was still a bean and they are sooo cute, looking forward to the new baby wearing them too. Bumpometer update weight: 9 st still! Measurement: 98.5 cms Milestones: 10 days – Easter weekend celebrations begin ...

25 weeks… nearly 6 months

The 25th week hit with a bang… migraine/cold and feeling sorry for myself!! Luckily hubby knew the way to cheer me up and that was with a Bump Shoot… I loved the photos he took of my bump when I was pregnant with Noah and I love the ones he’s taken this time around. I will post the photos in my review section, separately, as I want to discuss having a “bump shoot” as not many mummies-to-be know about them or think about them!! Here is one of my favourites though: This week, I am starting to notice the incredible “un-comfort” at night, as when I turn to my side the bump has to rest in mid air, so I either snuggle up to hubby or use a small cushion! I have the chance to review a maternity cushion over the next few months, so I will let you know how…