With today being my due date with baby number 2, I thought it appropriate to post about my wonderful Pink Lining Mama et Bebe: Pink Butterflies bag that I have been VERY lucky to review!

Because it is a new bag and lovely and PINK I wanted to use it for the very first time as my hospital bag, so it has a very special purpose and is currently standing to duty, awaiting for baby number 2 to starts its journey into the world. Despite it not being the size of a suitcase, as its a perfect changing bag size, I still managed to fit an awful lot into it ready for our hospital venture and meeting the little one for the first time. Did I mention that I LOVE IT! I am a huge Pink Lining fan, but there is a reason for that….

The first thing I noticed about the Pink Butterflies, Mama et Bebe bag is that the exterior is made from a wipe clean material, whereas some of the older Pink Lining bags that I have are just cotton fabric – so they tend to get dirtier, quicker, this new range has a laminate cover over the cotton, so that I can just wipe it clean and keep it looking lovely and new for longer.

The 2 pockets at the front of the bag have come in very handy for a packet of face wipes and some washlets, I also managed to get some antibacterial wipes in with the washlets – the pockets are a lot more roomy than they first appear.

I really like the Pink Lining image of the inside of this bag, as I think they have done it in a brilliant way – I wouldn’t do it justice, so I have used the Pink Lining image from their website to show you how the inside of this fabulous bag works:

I have managed to put inside my Pink Butterflies bag: 1 nightie, 1 pair of slippers, 5 pairs of maternity knickers, 1 pack of maternity pads, 5 packets of breast pads, 3 packets of tissues, 1 packet of newborn cotton soft sheets, 10 newborn nappies, 1 tub of sudocrem, 1 tube of nipple cream, 1 tiny babygro complete with scratch mittens and hat (this is the same babygro that Noah wore for the first time – the very first item that me and Dean purchased).

Not forgetting the Yummy Mummy themed changing mat too! I cannot believe how much I managed to fit into the Mama et Bebe, but it is fantastic that I have – I really wanted its first job to be a special one. The plan is not to stay in hospital over night, but if I am “emergency bag numero 2” is at the ready for hubby to collect… yes that is my other Pink Lining Mama et Bebe bag, albeit an older model, it is still doing us proud and in good condition. They really are a great changing bag!

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018