I was recently asked to review the website Plantify, now before I get started, I am in no way shape or form a gardener, I have no idea what plants are what, but I found this website a great tool and helped me understand plants and where they would be best in our garden. It has also been a good tool to use lately as I have not been able to get into the garden because of all this rain! This sketch is what my garden currently looks like:

plantify.co.uk is an innovative website that makes garden design accessible and affordable to everybody by providing a NEW easy-to-use Garden Design Tool and extensive plant knowledge that is free. You do not need to download anything, you simply create your account with Plantify and there are 6 simple steps to designing your very own, perfect garden:

  1. You give your garden project a name
  2. Layout your garden by finding it on the map
  3. Lay down your “hard landscaping” so where you want grass, patio etc.
  4. Place objects, like garden furniture
  5. Design the beds with plants available on the site
  6. Print it out and admire!

I loved the fact that it picked up my back garden and let me pin point it exactly, so that I was literally working with my garden measurements:

Plantify Plant Finder is the only plant database that allows browsing. The site allows you to refine your search results then page from one plant to the next. If too many results are returned, then simply amend the parameters to refine the search further.

The great thing about this website is that I can also use my iPad to access my Garden project and use the Garden Design Tool, so I can also do it on the go or when I get a spare moment, being a pregnant parent of an 18 month toddler – it isnt always easy to get online on the laptop/PC.

I really enjoyed designing my garden and learning about some new plants, now I just need the weather to brighten up so that I can get out there and start to tidy it up – as at the moment it is looking rather like a jungle!

Below are some key features that might just give you that urge to give it a go….
Free service; to help gardeners of all levels to design a garden using the right plants in the right places.
Plant finder; explore over 4000 plants, with detailed plant care information and photographs. Narrow your search to find plants suitable for your garden based on soil type, orientation, garden style, position, colour and many other factors.
Plant trends; view popular plants based on your search criteria e.g. top plants for shady positions, and find more plant popularity rankings based on search data of the whole web – Top 100 plants, Top 20 roses, Top 20 hostas.
Plant advice; receive planting suggestions on which plants work well with your selection.
Easy-to-use browser; helps you browse through your selection page by page.
Wish list; mark plants as ‘favourites’ to use in your garden design later.
Share knowledge; add your own plants, pests and diseases or local nursery information.
Follow our blog; professional garden designers share their tricks on designing with plants.
Source (most of our) plants; through well-known suppliers listed when you view a plant.
Be inspired; view photographs and planting lists from some of the UK’s top garden shows.
Be informed; subscribe to our free regular newsletter with tips and to-do’s for your garden.

To start your Garden Project, visit the Plantify website: www.plantify.co.uk

You can like Plantify on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plantify.co.uk
You can follow Plantify on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/plantify


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Last Update: Sunday, 6th May 2012