Well this week has been baby busy, we had the overwhelming baby shower on Sunday. Such a lovely afternoon: everyone was so generous and made so much effort for me, it was amazing. Rainbow got very spoilt too which he/she really appreciates! We played funny baby games, like putting string around my belly bump and guessing how weebly I am. Zoe got hers pretty much there and I had to have a go and I was just right first time! Very odd indeedie. We played guess the arrival date and sex too:

We shall see who is closest!

We reached 35 week marker this week, currently have 33 days left or 4 weeks and 5 days. Depending on how you look at it! Not that I’m counting.

Been working at home this week because my ankles were hurting so much. Boo. They get worse sitting at my desk, since working from home they’ve gone down loads. So I can only assume the position of sitting in a desk makes it worse!! Guess I’ll have to see what happens next time I’m in the office.

Braxton hicks still occurring randomly, no real other problems to report. Lots of movements. Especially when I’ve eaten. Oh and I wake up at 4 am to wee.. That’s preparing me for nursing the little baby I guess!

Can’t believe were so close now! X

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Last Update: Wednesday, 29th September 2010