Well Midwife appointment went “ok” on Friday, a little bit daunting to be honest…. my blood pressure was high. Her exact words were “Have you been running a marathon this morning?” Which I hadnt, I hadnt done anything that morning. OOPSIE. Water was fine though and the swelling in my ankles had gone down by this point, so they said there is no indication its pre-eclampsia. Fingers crossed that stays away.

When they checked Little C’s heartbeat it was racing too, so they had to monitor that until it calmed down again. Possibility that my worries were worrying the baby, I am not 100% sure. But it calmed down, so they were happy all is well. I had a braxton hicks contraction whilst the midwife was poking around too which made me laugh as she had to wait for it to pass to continue. She got her fingers around the littlens head and said its not engaged yet. But over the next 10days to 2 weeks it should do. She prepared me for this by telling me that I will have bad back ache and bad pains in my groin area. At least I will be on the look out for this.

I dont have to see her until 15th Oct, so this is a good sign, if they were really worried about me then they would want to see me sooner. fingers crossed Little C doesnt have any other ideas and it will all go to “plan”.

The waterpool is back up and running now too, so as long as Rainbow stays in there for another week I will be happy. Please Rainbow, Please!!

4 Weeks tomorrow, exactly, Under a calendar month to go. I am getting rather nervous now!! But I am trying to take everyday as it comes. No point worrying now, is gotta come out somehow! 🙂

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Last Update: Monday, 4th October 2010