At 23 months we have learnt a lot of new words, we can count up to 3 and the odd 9 comes in to play and we have learnt a lot of things that help us get through the day.

We are soaking up words all the time and very often come out with random words that I didnt think he would learn for a long time, its quite surprising – Noah came out with “light” the other day… he saw the reflection of the moon (in the daytime) and came out with “moon”… where has he learnt these words? It cant just be from picking up what we’re saying around him, can it?

Things that Noah is picking up about daily routines is helping a lot, he knows its breakfast and we sit up at the dinner table – he knows to get in his chair. He knows that after bath time we go into Islas room and give her a kiss goodnight and then its time for bed. When we are driving to Nanna’s and Nanny’s house, he knows where are going as he recognises the journeys. Its really clever. I am quite astonished at how much he soaks up and how much he must have stored away in his little brain!

Noah’s counting is constant at the moment, he will have 2 things in his hand and say “one”, “two” and be really happy with himself. He recognises what a number is whenever you see one and when he see’s a 2 anywhere, he will say “number 2”. You have to acknowledge him though, otherwise he keeps repeating everything until you either say yes good boy or repeat what he is trying to say, if its slightly different!

We are playing with older toys now, not sure if I am BAD parent for letting him play with 3+ toys etc but they stimulate him and he likes them. For instance playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine stacking toy, which is 3+, keeps him amused for hours whilst he stacks up the train pieces. I always make sure that small, swallow size pieces are picked up and taken away from his little fingers and depending on his toys, I do tend to sit with him and play and tidy them up afterwards – especially painting!! He is very creative, loves playing with paints, crayons and anything crafty – I am looking forward to having lots of fun with my little man over the coming months.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 9th October 2012