Weight: 8st 5lb
Belly measurement: 89cms
Feelings this week: Well with 19 weeks to go, I am expecting to feel alot more worn out as the weeks go along. This week in particular I am still feeling quite stretched, I am using my stretchmark cream morning and noon now just to make sure. It feels like someone has stuffed a football in my belly, especially at night time when I am full up and bloated. 

The wedding went well at the weekend, I was on my feet from 6am until 1:30am and I was knackered on the Sunday, needless to say I slept all afternoon and then still managed to go to bed on the Sunday night at normal time. The bump looked massive in my bridesmaid dress, it was quite amusing, little me with a belly bump.

I have started to feel baby kicking / nudging me this week, I thought I could feel it last week but I wasnt sure as I thought it might be digestive system etc. But this week I am certain. It feels so clear and hard that I expect to see my stomach bumping up and down with it, but baby isnt strong enough for that yet. I got Deano to put his hand on my belly, but he couldnt feel it yet. Hopefully within the next few weeks he will be able to feel the baby bump nudges. Its amazing to think littlen is lying in there, kicking its arms and legs about and saying “let me out of here”. I didnt feel the “fluttering” that everyone has mentioned, but the midwife said I might not feel those things.
Midwife appointment next Friday, we get to hear baby’s heartbeat again and I will be getting measured to make sure the baby is growing properly. Fingers crossed all will go well. 

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Last Update: Friday, 25th June 2010