Bumpometer – 91 cms
Weight – 8st 10lbs
Well its Friday 2nd July we officially are at the 5 calendar month stage today, so 4 more to go if we make it to the due date of the 2nd November. 22 weeks pregnant and boy dont we know it now, the bump is increasing daily.
I am feeling really stretched now, almost uncomfortable at times – especially after meals. 
Deano felt Rainbow kick last night for the first time, I was so excited for him to feel it kick and its great now he can get involved too. 
We are off on our anniversary holiday tomorrow with Rainbow (of course) and the doggies, so I am looking forward to the trip and when we return we will be 24 weeks pregnant and at the next hurdle. Its going so quickly, each week passes before Ive had time to think about what weve done, let alone what the next week holds. 
Midwife appointment went well this morning, blood pressure is fine, baby’s heart rate is good 140-150bpm still. So we are going strong. Lots of movement too, midwife said that baby will not be in a routine at the moment, so we cant predict when baby will be on the move – but over the next few weeks baby will be getting into a routine. So we will be able to plan when we can sit and feel kicks and nudges. We got a lovely little rabbit teddy for Rainbow today from his nan and grandad – its gone in the Rainbow drawer along with the lovely babygrows we got from Danni, Jay and Jazz! Rainbow is already one spoilt iccle bubba.
We went and tested prams and looked at the cotbeds on Thursday, we have seen the stuff we want – so we are off to research prices and deals… I cant wait to get the cot set up and get it all decorated, i dont want to do it all too soon, as i will have nothing to look forward too and it will make waiting for Nove go really slowly. So I’m thinking get July out of the way and then start buying nursery goodies – cots/bedding/cot protection/mobiles/teddies etc…. Im soooo excited.
Ooh Rainbow just kicked me – it must be time for bed!!
Night ;0 xxx

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Last Update: Saturday, 3rd July 2010