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Author: MummyConstant

2019 photo challenge March day 17

Today’s keyword for the #mummyphotoaday photo challenge, March day 17, is “together”. It suddenly dawned on me this morning, over breakfast, when Noah was talking about earning points and prizes. We can only sort their behaviour out if we do it #together. They had suggested the notion of earning certificates and so many certificates earned a prize, a few weeks ago. But I hadn’t put too much thought into it. Namely because their request for a puppy at 100 certificates made it quite unrealistic! But it dawned on me this morning that earning everything is the way forward… so I just blurted out: “for every minute you walk the dogs, you can earn computer time”… with that they both wanted to take the dogs out. No complaints. No negative noises. At all. I was gobsmacked. Then walking around I said: “for every nice photo I get you can have an extra minute”. They wanted to stop and pose for lots of photos, each time they kept a tally (by using stones) for how many times I told them I got a nice photo. Obviously I had to hide the fact I took 9,998 photos. They ended up with 41 nice photos! We got home and they counted up their stones and added it to the minutes walked and they were extremely excited to know they had earned 2hrs and 3 minutes on their computers. They appreciated the devices much more when they did get to go on them too. Whilst they were playing on their devices I made them certificates. So we add stickers to their certificate (almost like a sticker chart). They get a sticker for good behaviour. I told them if I didn’t have to tell them off at great grandmas they would earn a sticker. They didn’t. So they didn’t earn a sticker. They seemed devastated on the way home but both said they would try hard tomorrow! 🤞🏻 we’re getting somewhere… AT LAST! #mummyphotoaday