Obviously you can be, but I think any parent will know what I mean with my title. Yes the past six days have been a challenge for me and for Daddy too, and for Nanny for that matter. It really is impossible to do “doc’s” orders and rest up. 


I am not sure what was wrong with me this week, but I had a fever for the first 24 hours and abdominal pain, then the fever sorted itself out and I just felt weak and drained for the rest of the week. All I wanted to do was sleep. I felt disoriented, wobbly and faint when I was on my feet. I am really not sure how I managed to drive anywhere! But you do, manage that is, somehow. 

I had to take the children to nursery and pick them up again, but in between those times I just slept and tried to rest. I am pretty sure that my recovery time was prolonged because you just don’t get that quality time to rest and get over it. 

It’s great now that I am on the other side of it though, making sure that the house is cleaned top to bottom so bugs and bacteria do not spread further of course. Looking forward to spending some fun time with the kids this weekend and not snoozing on the sofa behind the kids whilst they watch a new film! Thank goodness for apple tv is all I can say. 

How do you cope as a parent when your ill? Do you just have to get on and manage too? It’s so hard. If you have it available to you, my advice is to get grandparents support and take the kids out of the equation for at least 24 hours so you don’t spread illnesses and get proper rest. 

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Last Update: Saturday, 13th June 2015