Where the breads at!

I had to share our special visitor from yesterday… It’s not everyday you get a duck turn up on your doorstep, waiting for bread!


It all started on Thursday when hubby came home from work and coaxed little mummy duckie out from the road into the front garden, to feed her some bread. Well, guess who remembered where the breads at? Yes, little mummy duckie came back for some more yesterday.

We’re not sure where little mummy duckie is coming from, possibly the church yard a few 100 yards up our road. But, our road is quite busy and it worries me she’s wondering up and down it. Hopefully, there will never be any accidents and I think she maybe pregnant and just hunting for yummy food… We shall keep looking after her, if she keeps coming back.

Noah loved it as he adores the ducks at the moment and spent the whole time quacking away, oh and eating the bread… The thought was there I suppose.

So I guess the question is, will we see her again? I’ll let you know!


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