39 Weeks: Bumpometer

We are 39 weeks today, another week has zoomed by, its all rushing by so quickly, I remember the last month feeling like “forever” when I was pregnant with Noah: not this time! What with the cleaning episodes, my last 2 days at work and the general day to day stuff that needs to be done, I do not have time to stop and the days are literally flying by.The most popular question this week has been “Any twinges yet?” What are twinges? I never had anything with Noah, it was 6pm first contraction and then Noah was born at 1am the next morning – so we went straight into the thick of it. I have no idea what constitutes as a twinge!! But all I can say for the week, is it is pretty similar to last; lots of stomach cramps, SPD pain and a lot of uncomfortable movements from the little wriggler – boy this one can move. I have a video to share from the bath the other night, it actually is starting to look a little bit like a scene from Alien:

My Direct2Mum 39 week update says Feeling mixed emotions this week? This is perfectly normal. Many women flit between the apprehension of labour and caring for a newborn with the excitement and anticipation of finally meeting your new little one after all these months. You may well also have mixed emotions about your pregnancy coming to the end of it’s journey – try to get one last journal post in today with a new photo – who knows, this may be the last time you get chance!” I think its safe to say I have all bases covered: Bumpshoot with hubby the other night – check. Blog post at 39 weeks just incase – check. Feeling mixed emotions, scared about birth and excitement about the newborn – double check. I wonder if this will be the last bumpometer update and if the next post will be about our new baby?

Bumpometer update

Weight: 9.5st

Measurement: 103.5 cms



Maternity Leave has begun 🙂

Possibly, last midwife appointment on Monday at 39+2

1 WEEK until due date!! Nothing else planned, as how can we plan anything??

Will keep you all posted…


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  • This is a lovely post, I can’t believe how active your baby is in the bath. I made the kids watch it lol. They laughed and said it looked strange. Its a lovely capture on camera. I tried to get one of mine on camera but they never wanted to play ball when I got the camera out lol xx

    • Ah thanks Donna, I was a bit worried about posting my vid… Belly isn’t what it was! That’s what you get I suppose for having 2 children.

      I love watching it move, always comes to life in the pool.

      Sorry it freaked your kids out, I’ve got another vid which will really freak them out… Made it with iMovie app – scary trailor called The Spookybutton! Lol xxx

    • Thank you… I might need the luck!

      I’m going to post the other pictures in a separate post, there are some nice ones, despite rain clouds / wind and coldness!

      Will keep you posted xx

  • Takes me back, bath times were the most active for my bambinos too! Good luck hunni, it’ll be a walk in the park this time around xxx

  • Ahh excited for you! Can’t wait to hear when baby comes. I’m 33 weeks today so I’ve got another 7 to go yet. Hoping by the time my baby comes I can learn from your experiences of how to deal with a newborn and a little one at the same time…eeek!! Good luck and hope you are not waiting too much longer. Xxxx

    • Ahhh thanking you… Is it going as quickly for you as it has for me? Seemed like only yesterday we were doing the pregnancy tests again for the 2nd time! I’m finding the last few weeks to be quite trying… Today something has changed too, I feel really uncomfortable.

      Hope you’re ok and enjoying the bubbas xxx

  • Yep…it’s gone amazingly quick!! Can’t believe it, last time it seemed to go soooo slow. I do feel like its starting to slow up a bit now though, and I am dreading if I go overdue like last time as I hated that bit. At least rushing after a 1 year old will help though I guess, as like it sounds like you have found the whole way through, you can’t even think about the pregnancy as you’re too busy with them all the time!xxx

    • I think being overdue drags because you are constantly wondering is today the day… You get a bit absorbed by it.

      I bet this time around we won’t though, with our tots keeping us occupied x

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