I was tagged yesterday by the lovely Chelseamamma and Mummybird to post the song that was Number 1 when your baby was born.

Mummybird brought the CD’s of the Number 1 when her little ones were born and that is such a good idea. Until I was tagged in this post, I had no idea what was number 1 when Noah was born. I feel bad now!!

Well, when Noah was born on the 9th November 2010, the song that was number 1 was:

Bruno Mars – “Just The Way You Are (Amazing)

Now I know that this song is written about a girl, but this seriously couldn’t be any more appropriate, if you make it about little Noah, he has the most beautiful eyes, he had the most wonderful hair and he was extremely beautiful when I first saw him. He is just amazing, just the way he is and I wouldn’t change anything about him. I love him millions.

Such a lovely idea, I have tagged some other mummies to list their special songs for their special little people…

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* I used this site to find out Noah’s number 1 hit: http://www.everyhit.com/dates


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