So, you are pregnant again with your second child. This time round you might feel slightly less overwhelmed and stressed than you did the first time you experienced being pregnant and the build up to the birth. There will be positive aspects to the second pregnancy, like having the opportunity to buy lots of different baby products from various baby shops that you might want to get, that you did not have the first-time round, or simply because you would like to get new items.

Things like buying clothes or toys might be worth getting anyway if you are having a girl this time and had a boy the first time, or vice versa.

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Aspects like the unknown of what childbirth is like will be less daunting, but this time round you have other preoccupations too, as you will be spending lots of time with your new-born whilst at the same time looking after your first child, ensuring they do not feel neglected either. Mummy cannot be in two places simultaneously unfortunately.

It is a tricky scenario to get right, they might just be old enough to understand that they will soon have a little brother or sister to share play time with but at the same time they might feel like you will have less time for them especially if they are still quite young. This is where jealousy from the first child might arise. You will want to make sure that you do not end up spending more time with one child and not with the other.

Simultaneous activities

Examples of things you could do are, instead of holding your new-born in your arms, buy a baby carrier so that they are nestled in your chest, whilst at the same time you could be having play time with your older child. Instead of worrying about leaving the baby alone in another room.

If this is at all possible, try and merge nap time between your toddler and new-born. You could perhaps read a story to the older one whilst you cuddle your baby to sleep.  

You could set up a play area where your toddler gets to choose from a variety of puzzles or activities to do by themselves to encourage them to play independently, whilst you are sitting in the same room with your baby in your arms feeding them. In this way you can still care for your little bundle of joy whilst keeping an eye on the older child and still engage with them verbally and demonstrate an interest in what they are doing when they want to show you their activity or drawing.  

It is not going to be easy to juggle parenthood with both a new-born and a toddler but if you can be creative and just do your best to not stress yourself out too much then you can do this! It is so rewarding seeing the siblings be together though.

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