If you own a smartphone, you have the luxury of having a top-quality camera to hand at all times. Whether you want to share pictures of the family, upload images to a blog or collect useful information for future reference, your phone gives you the flexibility to capture images in an instant. You can also see my iPhone photography hacks too for more specific guidance.

Despite the wide array of features available, many people aren’t too sure how to get the most out of their smartphone camera. If you want to enhance your skills, take a look at these simple phone photography hacks now:

1. Experiment with Filters

Filters can transform an average snap into something really spectacular, so it’s well worth making the most of them. Every phone has built-in filters but third-party apps offer even more. From altering the lighting to making your eyes pop, there are endless effects you can use but don’t wait until you have a special picture to begin experimenting with filters. Becoming familiar with filters now will ensure you’re a pro by the time you want to enhance really special images.

2. Automatic Uploads

You don’t want to lose your photos due to accidental deletion or the loss of a device, so be sure to set up automatic uploads. These enable you to upload photos to cloud storage as soon as they’re taken, so you’ll never lose a beloved picture again.

As well as keeping your snaps safe, automatic uploads can help to minimise digital clutter too. To find out how to delete duplicate pictures or get rid of unwanted photos, you can learn more here. Once you know your photos are stored safely in the cloud, you’ll be free to delete them from your device to free up space.

3. Change Perspectives

Professional photographers use a range of perspectives to create different angles and shine a new light on a familiar subject. Whether you’re taking a photograph of a person, a landscape or an object, an unusual perspective can give your artwork a whole new feel. There are no limits when it comes to how you shoot pictures, do be as experimental as you like!

4. Pay Attention to Leading Lines

Leading lines draw your eye to a certain part of an image and can help to highlight particular elements of an image. Despite the name, leading lines can be circular or wavy, as well as linear. Train tracks are a good example of leading lines because the viewer’s eye naturally follows the direction of the track. By using leading lines in your pictures, you can add depth to your photos and put a new spin on a quick snap.

Become a Smartphone Photographer

Camera phones are great for capturing impromptu moments, but they are capable of so much more than a typical informal shot. With a little practice, you can hone your technique and start taking spectacular photos with nothing more than your phone. By experimenting with existing features and trying new apps, you’ll have everything you need to become a great smartphone photographer.

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  • Laura Corrall
    Monday, January 11, 2021

    I am always using my phone to take photos. Usually just opening the camera and taking a quick snap without thinking. I will try and have a play around with filters to see if I can improve them a little.

  • Margaret Gallagher
    Sunday, May 30, 2021

    Need all the help o can get – your pics are stunning

  • Jenny Harlow
    Thursday, January 13, 2022

    Thankyou. I really enjoyed reading this. Some great tips. I never think to try the filter feature but will try next time

  • Sheila Reeves
    Saturday, December 10, 2022

    I need to get more creative with filters etc on my phone – and now I’m aware of leading lines, thank you!

  • Siobhan N
    Tuesday, December 26, 2023

    I’m not the best photographer! Your pictures are always stunning!