Being a Mum sure is hard work, and it’s our bones and joints that can pay the price. We spend our days carrying and swinging heavy weights of an irregular size around (by which I mean our children) as well as bending down to pick up things from the floor at least a hundred times a day. When you add those factors to irregular sleep patterns, it’s little wonder that many moms suffer from a stiff back. This can be a painful and debilitating condition, but here are some ways in which you can fight back against a bad back.


A massage from your significant other can be a beautifully relaxing process, or if you prefer it can be an exciting one, but it might not be the ideal way to cure a back complaint. If you’re suffering from a persistent sore back, it’s essential that any massage you have is carried out by a professional therapist, or you could make the problem worse. A massage therapist will be able to locate the source of the complaint and apply the correct amount of pressure to exactly the right spot. The results can be rapid and remarkable, which is why people have been using massage to relieve aches and pains for around four thousand years.

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic doctors are highly trained physicians who are experts in the use of chiropractic treatments to help with a wide range of conditions, from migraines, arthritis, and sporting injuries to neck pain and back pain. They typically use chiropractic manipulation techniques that can re-align the body and improve posture, and in doing so, it can relieve or remove back pain. Expert websites such as echiro practor have a wealth of information on how chiropractic treatment can help you, and how a little momentary discomfort can help you achieve many pain-free years.


If you suffer from back pain, you may feel that twisting your body and holding postures is the last thing you want to do but yoga can be a great way to combat a stiff back. As with massage, it’s important that you seek expert advice before commencing yoga if you have back pain, but they’ll be able to design a gentle routine that removes tension and improves bodily strength and flexibility. One of the major causes of back pain in America is poor posture caused by sitting for too long in one position, but regular yoga classes can help you overcome this modern day problem and gain the pain-free mobility that our forebears had.

Suffering from back pain, either intermittent or persistent, can leave you unable to concentrate fully on the things that matter most โ€“ your children. It doesn’t have to be like that. Professionally administered massages, carefully planned yoga and chiropractic treatments can make a huge difference to how you feel on a day-to-day basis, restoring the old you. Tiredness and the odd ache is part and parcel of being a mom, but if you experience more regular or debilitating back pain, take action immediately. After all, a healthy mom equals happy children.

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