I am a big cat person, I have had a cat in my family since I was born. So when Whiskas asked me if I knew why my cat purrs, I jumped at the chance to find out. I thought purring was just a sign of happiness. When I stroke Rocky, he purrs. I also heard stroking a cat is de-stressing, so not only comfort but health benefits from owning a cat. I am amazed at how much more there is to learn about a cats purr. 

I have always wondered why cats purr but never truly understood it. A kitten purrs for attention from its Mummy. Much the same as a baby cries I suppose. An adult cat purrs around other cats to be social. And your cat purrs around you because it loves you, especially when you tickle them in the right spot.

Tips for keeping a Kitty purring

When you have a kitten, the best thing to do is have something soft and smells like you or the kittens Mum in their bed. Create a safe environment for the kitten. Feed the kitten in the same place and keep it’s litter tray in the same place. Use treats and lots of attention to praise the kitten. This way the kitten will grow up to know what is right and what he will be praised for.

Know what they like

If there is one thing I have learnt about cats, it is they know what they like! Our little Rocky purrs when he is with me.  He is quite a fussy little fellow, he likes to snuggle with me if I have my dressing gown on or a blanket. I think its the soft and furry texture that he likes about my dressing gown. He kneads it with his paws too and purrs very loudly. Its such a comforting sound to me. I feel so relaxed when Rocky is purring next to me.

Here is a little video from Whiskas about why a cat purrs (I love the voice, it sounds like Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig):

Now I know why Rocky purrs in particular circumstances, I will make sure I encourage this behaviour and give him the attention and love he wants. I always make sure I have something snuggly for him too, so I know he is comfortable and feels safe around me.

I will also make sure he has the right diet, I saw the next video on the Whiskas YouTube and I am going to make sure I get the 7+ cat food, as our little Rocky is 10. I cannot believe how quickly those 10 years have gone.

This post is a collaboration with Whiskas, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website and their KIT hub for more information on why do cats purr and their Youtube video for fantastic KIT videos.

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