What hobbies will you encourage?

I am completely convinced that come September, Noah will have his new friends and have new interests and want to get involved in new sports and hobbies. Will he love his little car collection anymore? Will he still have his huge fascination with trains? Or will he want to be the worlds next pro ice hockey champion, donned up with pro skates and ice hockey sticks on his Christmas list?


A part of me is completely freaking out that he might take on some really scary sports, or interested in things that are completely alien to me – but I guess this is a part of growing up and becoming who he is? I hope I am not going to be that mother that hides there children away from things that I personally don’t understand, and that I will embrace these new challenges for him and for us as parents. But on the same token I would be sitting on the side lines of said ice hockey matches thinking “Oh my, he’s going to loose a finger” or “please don’t fall over little man”. I don’t even know what ages all these sports start at. He might not even want to do anything as exciting as that. He might just want to join a local book club. I have no idea.

The hobbies I will encourage are the things that we do and know, as that is what I know. We encourage him to play football at the moment and Isla does dance. Will they do this in a years time? Who knows! I just have to go along with what they want to do. We love our gadgets and photography in the Constant household. I wonder if Isla or Noah will take on the family business? Will Noah become a wedding photographer and follow in his fathers footsteps or will Isla follow in my Uncle’s footsteps and own a salon in a posh part of London? It will be interesting to see how they develop and what hobbies they take on and what careers they will develop for themselves.

If Noah wants to learn the drums and Isla wants to join a rock band – that is what they will do and I will help them be as successful as they can be. I am not going to hold them back. After all it will be their dreams, their wants and who am I to stand in there way. I think their hobbies, interests and activities now pave the way for their futures. It isn’t just about school and homework, its about experiences and lessons learnt by doing things.

So, what hobbies will you encourage and what hobbies are you totally frightened of? I would love to know!


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Thursday 30 April 2015
What hobbies will you encourage?

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