Since the update last week, we have booked in to have our kitchen floor tiled and also our bathroom is being plastered. So this weekend we have to get all the tiles off of the bathroom wall. We have spent our time doing a bit of gardening and sorting over the past few weeks. I have also made a start on my test kitchen cupboard door with an undercoat layer.


The floor tiles have been booked in. We have chosen to go with a Vinyl Floor tile as Floors Today advised they are waterproof, which is perfect for kids and pets. We wanted a fake grey wood effect and that’s exactly what we are getting. I am so excited. I will keep you updated on Insta-stories with which colour we are going for…


We have a lot of tiles to remove and we want to make as little mess as possible. We have to remove them and then the plasterer is coming in to smooth the walls down and fill the gaps where the wall was removed. Then the sink and toilet are being moved, ready for the new tiles. Once the new tiles are in – the bath can be installed. WOOHOO!


We spent the weekend in the wonderful sunshine and made the most out of it. I cleared our potting shed, ready for all of our gardening bits. I discovered a lot of goodies that had been left. The family that owned this house before us were keen gardeners. We have an irrigation system and some fantastic plants and flowers growing. I am very excited to see what happens in the garden over the next few weeks.

Hubby got rid of the pond and waterfall last weekend, as you walk out of the house there was a wall for the pond. It was a 2ft wall and it was dangerous with the children/pets in the garden. Rambo fell in the pond twice and Snoopy tried to get in as he didn’t know what it was. Our neighbour had the fish as he had been looking after them for a year – so that was nice as I wanted to know the fish would be looked after.



So over the next week we have to clear the tiles off the bathroom wall ready for the plasterer on Tuesday. Then we will be tiling the floor and the walls in preparation for my bath. I am so excited! I haven’t had a bath for over a month and I am certain I am feeling a bit blurgh because I haven’t had a bath! Looking forward to sharing the next round of renovation and DIY in my Insta-Stories over the next week.

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Last Update: Thursday, 28th February 2019