Month 1 of making our family home

I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone. It is absolutely crazy. I keep forgetting to log what we have been doing with just before photos. That’s the bit I needed the most. So, our first month in our new home and we have decorated main rooms, have the cooker installed, started the bathroom and nearly finished the dining room. We have done a lot since our last weekly update.


We have painted the kitchen walls and installed the cooker, the beautiful Rangemaster. It is finally in. We need to get an extractor fan and splash back for the cooker but that is on the list of things to sort.

Before and after:

I get my inspiration from Pinterest, I love looking at what people have done and finding out how. This is the kind of goal for the kitchen, a nice grey and wood style. I know we do not have a country style kitchen but we can make it as close to what we want as possible.

The plan for the kitchen over the coming weeks is: up-cycle the kitchen cupboard doors. I have the sugar soap, sand paper and primer at the ready. I also have a spare cupboard door from where we took out the unit for the new cooker. We have had the floors measured up from Floors Today, so excited to see the Vinyl Floor Tiles. We are also giving our diner a bit of a make over with Wayfair, which I am excited about. It currently looks like this:

Dining room

This is a lovely room now. I have wanted my beautiful light hanging for months, literally months and now we have. It looks so nice hanging above the dining table. Daddy has his storage on the wall and although it freaks me out constantly (that it will fall down) it looks great. I almost feel like the area looks like a dresser. It’s still a bit cramped in that area but I have no where else for the desk and piano to go. So for the moment it’s living in here.

Before and now:

The plan for the dining room over the coming weeks is: we need to replace the sliding door. I want some beautiful French doors in a nice duck egg green colour, or grey. Eventually I want the front door to be replaced with the same colour as the back doors. We need curtains for the big window too. Not only to block out the views but to keep the heat in as at night the dining room is quite drafty.


So it started off as a toilet and separate shower room. We had the wall knocked out and now it is one big bathroom. We have had the lights sorted by the electrician. So currently we are waiting for the plasterer and then it is all systems go go go: tiles on and roll top bath in. I cannot wait to get my bath. It’s such a huge part of my routine and relaxation. I really miss it.

My inspiration:

The plan for the bathroom over the coming weeks is: plasterer is coming out within the next fortnight. Then tiles on the floor and tiles on the wall. Painting the rest of the walls and buying my bath. I cannot wait to have a roll top bath all to myself. It’s so exciting.

Front of the house

Hubby took up the bushes this week to the right of the drive way. We can now park our cars along side each other instead of in tandem. It will make such a difference as it frustrates us having to move cars. We can afford to make some room on the left hand side of the drive way too – we will have a look at how in the Spring.

In other areas of the house, the plan is to paint the built-in wardrobes. Looking at curtains and blinds as we haven’t got any installed, apart from the old living room curtains. There is a lot to do! People keep telling me to do one room at a time, but it doesn’t work like that. Whilst we are waiting for tradesman, products or simply money, we can get on with other things. So there will be a time, soon no doubt, where I will have half a kitchen of grey cupboards and half oak! I know it.

If you have any ideas, inspirational photos or comments I would love to hear them. Catch me on social media for home insta stories and updates: @mummyconstant.


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Month 1 of making our family home

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