I have had a lotttt of feedback about our kitchen worktop makeover. It’s been so lovely to see everyone commenting and asking questions, it has been a popular post in the Frenchic Facebook Group, I posted it in there as I painted my cupboards using Frenchic first. Here are some other tips I have discovered whilst doing DIY at home, that you may find useful.

head torch

Grab a head torch

Surprisingly, the best feedback I received was the idea of using a head torch to do the vinyl DC Fix on the worktops. I was quite shocked that everyone didn’t do this and they are not that expensive to buy. My husband has one as he goes out on the kayak until dark sometimes and it’s also useful for camping with the kiddies.

DC Fix tools

Get the right tools

When fitting the DC Fix vinyl covering on the worktop, I purchased this DC Fix Applicator Set from Amazon. It came in very handy, in fact I wouldn’t have been able to do it without these tools. The craft knife was so super sharp it would glide through the vinyl and ensured I had an accurate cut. This was essential for the edges around the tiles and the ends of the worktops. The smoother tool is essential as it enables you to rub on the worktop and get the air bubbles out inch by inch.


Make a kit for your DIY at home

What I mean by making a kit for your DIY at home, is get a collection of things together that you will always need when you get the urge to do a little change in your home. Here is what I have got for when that moment gets me:

  • An old spoon (for opening tins of paint)
  • An old towel (for covering the floor whilst I paint)
  • The craft knife and smoother tool
  • A range of paint brushes
  • Paint brush cleaner
  • Headtorch
  • Sandpaper
  • Sugar soap (for cleaning surfaces before you paint)
  • Polyfilla for tidying up any holes in the walls before you work (I use this stuff all the time)
  • Frog tape (getting straight lines or covering door handles when painting)
Sugar Soap

Get a stock of Frenchic

I absolutely love Frenchic, I have it on the walls, woodwork and even my PVC front door. It never fails me. I have a shelf in the garage full of my favourite colours. If you run out of a tin, due to a recent project, make sure you get another tin to store. It could even be a tester pot. These come in handy for touching up areas and maintaining the surfaces you have painted.


My next DIY projects are: paint the garage to match the front door. I will write about how I did this once I have completed it. I have a stock of smudge to paint the windows too, I think this make the house look completely different and I am very excited. In the kitchen, we are finishing off the worktop around the sink, putting up a wallpaper splash back to cover up the hideous tiles and I also have a new fireplace to paint at the weekend.

Fireplace renovation

Always have a candle burning

I love candles, they can really make the house smell beautiful and have the power to relax you too. I love the Price’s Candles range as they have lovely scents and colours too. I often find I match my candles with my interiors without realising, or find contrasting colours to bring some definition to the room. When doing DIY the house can smell like paint and glue, so burning a candle can help to erase that smell and balance it out. I do also find candles calming, so it helps alleviate the stress too.

Price's Candles

Lots to keep me busy. Do you like DIY at home? What is your next project? Do you have any tips that you would like to share? I would love to see them in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.