Oh my golly gosh… we are now up to Week 28 – the 3rd Trimester. The final part, where our little Baby Constant packs on the pounds.

So this week, the belly measurement around the belly button is still 91cm’s. Its not growing anymore than that at the moment, I am only assuming that its growing vertically or something now. Because I am getting bigger and feeling much bigger as the days go on. So somethings growing, just not sure where abouts. I will be interested to see what the midwife measures us next Friday when we have our appointment.

At the moment, I am finding it harder and harder to do the “normal” things, I cant put clothes on properly, I certainly struggled to put my socks on the other day (amusing to see I am sure), I cant reverse the car properly haha – I have to do it using my mirrors only as I cant turn around. Its very uncomfortable when I get up, getting out of bed is more of a struggle and I have still got 12 weeks to go, how much more can it grow I wonder?

Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining for a second, I am just noticing the changes in the way I have to do things now more than ever.

Thankfully I am still managing to keep up with Hubby and the doggies, although walking both of them is pretty hard work now, I can still do it – almost!! Havent started napping after work yet, I am sure that will come around soon 🙂 I finish work on 22nd October and boy am I counting down the days with a great big checklist!! I literally have 9 working weeks left at work until I get a nice year off to enjoy Baby Constant. I am so looking forward to it now, still nervous about labour.. but I guess any woman is that hasnt been through it all.

My weekly newsletter said I need to start eating an extra 200 calories a day now to keep up with the extra body weight that Baby Constant is putting on. But that doesnt mean 200 calories of Chocolate. How much calories are in foods then… I havent got the foggiest!! Oh well…

A school friend is 2 weeks from her due date now, so I am eagerly keeping tracks to see how she is doing… she is exactly 10 weeks ahead of me. Another “friend of a friend” has just had their baby girl – Ella Rose. Beautiful name and her photos are amazingly cute, broody doesnt even come close to how I feel… Then theres a few of my other friends who are due near us and its nice catching up with them to see how they are doing. Anna is looking the same as me at the moment, I am 2 weeks ahead of her, but our bumps seem to look very similar. She is blooming and still very smiley, so its nice catching up with her at lunchtimes. Emily is a little further back than us, but she is showing a lovely bump now and looking absolutely gorgeous as always and Hollie also… its amazing how close we all are to our due dates and again, its nice to know you are not the only one who has to face the “unknown”.

“Well its Daddys birthday tomorrow Baby Constant… you will have to make sure to give him a big kick in the morning to say happy birthday and a big kissie too. Can’t wait to meet you now…”

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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th August 2010