Turn your garden shed into the perfect haven for summer

In searching for our first family home, we are really thinking and analysing what our perfect home actually means to us. What layout do we want our house to have? What size do we want our garden to be? I have been doing a lot of research and looking to Pinterest (obviously) for garden inspiration. 

Leading off from my research on Pinterest, I have now become obsessed with the idea of having a pretty garden shed, that is not for storing tools or for spiders to hang out, but for me to have my own little space to read, crochet and snooze in the sunshine (not possible with small children, but a girl can dream). The term “she shed” really makes me laugh but is exactly what these kinds of sheds are called and are becoming increasingly popular. You can be as creative as possible with your she shed. Have I convinced you that you need one yet? 

Companies like Lidget make these ideas possible, concrete garden rooms that will not become damaged and weathered, decorated inside in any way you want. Shelving units for my yarn, bunting and pretty things on the wall, a comfortably padded bench to sit and admire the garden. Listening to the birds singing and the children laughing – it would just be perfect. 

There are many ideas for shed’s other than actual traditional storage options:

Playhouse for the children

You could use it as a playhouse for the children, put two floors in and then you paint it and add furniture. What a perfect little place to inspire imaginative play for the little ones. 

Pretty potting shed

Not just a soily greenhouse, we are talking comfortable seating area, tea making facilities and a biscuit barrel, book shelf and tidy gardening items. 


Turn the space into an outdoor kitchenette, set it up near the BBQ and create a tropical inspired bar area, so when you are entertaining in the garden you are not stuck inside the house cooking and preparing. You can do it all from the garden! 

Craft haven

As I mentioned earlier, for me, the perfect she shed is a craft haven. Having my crochet magazines, hooks and yarn all nearly organised. Somewhere to sit, comfortably, crochet and listen to the garden surrounding me. 

Sauna or indoor BBQ 

You could even develop the she shed idea into an indoor BBQ, or a sauna. I am sure there would be more things to research in order to do this, but I have seen them before, so not impossible! Can you imagine stepping in to the back garden for a sauna? Amazing! 

Jacuzzi house

Following on from the idea above, somewhere for your Jacuzzi to keep safe and be useable all year round. BBQ near by and bar inside, what else do you need on those summer weekends? 

Interior shed image by Homebunch and welcome image by ShutterStock. 

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