LG sent us a new model of their smart TV range recently and it has changed the way the family watches TV in so many ways. LG’s smart TV’s are not just your everyday WiFi ready, HD, app fantastic TV – the whole system is designed to make it easier, sleeker and better for the family. Even Noah and Isla can operate it which is fabulous as Nanny can’t! 


I loved the set up for the TV, it took me a fair few minutes to work out that the remote control is a super whizzy one. When you point it at the TV it acts as a mouse – the pointer moves around the screen. Very clever! The set up was easy, each screen had a cartoon style with a cute little penguin to guide you through. It guides you through setting up your remote control and a tutorial all in one. It then sets up your TV, I have never experienced this before – it pulled my TV subscription through the system. So my TV has talked to my Virgin account and the LG remote control can act as my Virgin control. It was fascinating. We have had many TV’s in this house and I was amazed by all the new, modern and updated features. No, I’m not just saying that! 


After setting up the TV for first time use and staring (jaw-dropping) at it. Alright, I do love my technology! I looked at all of the menu options and found the LG store where I could download the premium apps, which include Now TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix and BBC iPlayer. After installing and logging into the various accounts for each app, you are off. The Now TV app is brilliant on the LG TV. Have you noticed that from TV to TV the apps vary, some are just hard to use and others are really easy to use. Well the apps for this TV are very easy to use and it even has the “My TV” section. 

The first thing we watched was Big Hero 6 from the Disney section on Now TV. I love that app, so many great movies and TV shows under one app. The quality of the movie was awesome. Everything is just crisp and perfect looking – HD looks better somehow.  I guess that’s what the ultra HD means – it really is. 

I loved this movie. It was another Disney classic. I cried, quite a few times and so did little Noah. It was a good movie to demonstrate that sometimes these horrible things happen but things will be OK again. Noah didn’t stay sad for long. We did however, fall in love with Baymax! There is one particular scene where Baymax does a hand shake with Hiro and it was just one of those things that captured the children. Now, everyone that comes round has to do the Baymax hand shake, complete with silly noise. You will have to see the clip below to have a sneak peek at it: 

I am hoping it rains next weekend as there are a lot more Disney movies to catch up on! If you would like to view the LG TV series then please visit LG’s website: www.lg.com/uk/oled-tvs. If you would like to set up a NOW TV account, please go to their website: www.nowtv.com.

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