Over the past couple of months, you’ve probably been stuck at home. Maybe you’ve whiled away the hours by planning a perfect trip to take with your partner when all this is over. You could be saving up for a tropical escape, or just fancy popping over to the seaside. As long as you’re together and enjoying the world around you, that’s the main thing. Travelling with a partner can come with its challenges, so how do you prepare?

Make Lists

Something that causes a lot of stress with a trip is the admin. Not only picking a place, but how to get there, where to stay, booking activities, etc. Even the weather can be stressful as you might need to think ahead for rainy day backups. Make life easier for yourself and breakdown what you need to do into little lists. You could do different categories like transport or packing. Even something like knowing your routes – like trains to Bedford or another city – can make you feel more at ease.


This one is pretty key for a happy holiday. You need to be communicative and make sure you’re both getting what you want from your trip. For instance, if your partner is desperate to camp, but you prefer hotels: why not consider glamping? Find some middle-ground you’re both happy with. It’s also important to discuss your budget, even though talking about money can be uncomfortable it will make things so much easier in the long run. 

Give Yourself Space 

When you travel with someone, you end up spending practically the whole day together. Even if you love them more than anything, it can still get a bit intense. It’s ok to give yourself a break from each other during the trip. If you want to relax by the pool while they go and explore, or you fancy grabbing a drink and they want to stay in – allow yourselves some time apart. You don’t need to put pressure on constantly being together. 

Add Romance

You both want to make the trip special, so why not seek out a romantic activity for the two of you? Plan at least date one night for your trip, in amongst all the adventures and sightseeing. Whether it’s a simple picnic in the park or a candlelit dinner, treat yourselves and celebrate each other. You could even ask the locals for some of their favourite spots around town. If you’re looking for some inspiration for romantic destinations, look no further than right here

Travelling with your partner can be so rewarding and fun. The two of you are bound to make memories that will last you both a lifetime. What’s been your favourite holiday you had with your significant other? 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 20th May 2020