I love jam, I have it on a lot of food; jam on toast or jam on scones (perfect for a family picnic in the garden). It seems to be my happy food during lockdown. It’s now getting to that time of the year when the fruits are starting to grow and will soon be ready for picking, so we can make our very own jams. The following are Tropical Jams that I wish the supermarkets would sell, or I could get hold of the fruits to make it ourselves. 

Guava Jam

Guava is a tropical fruit that looks a little bit like a lemon from the outside and almost a tomato on in the inside. There are lots of Guava Jam recipes online, which looks like a fun jam as it is so bright. This is a really healthy fruit and mainly found in South America or the Carribean, so you can pretend you are on holiday!


Peach Jam

We love peaches in our house, it inspires stories like James and the Giant Peach and makes us think about the hungry caterpillar working his way through all of the food. We often by the cans of peaches, Isla will have them for breakfast. I am not sure you could make jam from the can of peaches though! I have seen a yummy peach jam recipe using ripe peaches and can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 weeks. 


Watermelon Jam

Well, this would be Isla’s favourite if we could buy this in the supermarket. Isla is a huge fan of a watermelon. Puree the watermelon and you can create this fab watermelon jam recipe. It looks super bright and vibrant, almost slime like, one of our favourite Tropical Jams. This would make a great outdoor fun activity, real edible slime! 


Pineapple Jam

Another one of Isla’s favourites is pineapple. Making this Pineapple Jam recipe would be a fun family activity and then using the outside shell of the pineapple to make Spongebob Squarepants home would be a fun task to do with the kiddies. I think it would inspire them to eat the healthy fruit too!


Dragon Fruit Jam

I have never heard of Dragon Fruit before, until I researched for this article of course, it really does look like a dragon from the spikes on its outer shell. The dragon fruit jam recipe is a bright pink with black dots in it, such a fun jam. I can imagine this would be great to inspire a painting/art activity at home. 


Papaya Jam

Papaya is a popular fruit from Central America and Mexico. It looks like an interesting fruit and I love saying the word “Papaya”. The Papaya jam recipe looks a little like marmalade. This might be a great jam to inspire a story time session with Paddington Bear. 


Mango Jam 

I love Mango and turning it into a jam sounds like fun and tasty fun too. Following a Mango jam recipe looks like it might be a bit trickier as you need to be careful to remove the core after you have boiled them. You have to be careful what type of Mango you use too, as some are stringy and some not as much. 


Passion Fruit Jam

Passion Fruit reminds me of our holiday to Turkey, we had such a wonderful holiday. We saw Sea Turtles, explored the local villages and had the best family time on the resort. Making this Passion Fruit jam recipe will definitely inspire memories of our family holidays. I think it’s a good jam to have whilst you sit back and watch videos from your previous holidays. 


Baking with Tropical Jams will make sure your bakes are a little different too, can you imagine a Victoria Sponge cake with Mango Jam in the middle? Yummy! There’s a broad variety of discount baking books available at The Works. It’s my go to place for books at the moment. 

What is your favourite jam? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.