Do you know what can make a person feel happy about themselves? Many things can do this. For example, being kind to others or doing something nice for someone else can help bring a smile to your face. One of the most popular ways people try to cheer themselves up is by watching funny videos on YouTube. 

Smile More Often

Smile when you’re in a good mood. Your brain will not think that it’s weird for someone to be smiling during bad times, but if you are sad and then suddenly start smiling, people might wonder what is going on with you. 

Many people are conscious of the smile and its perfection. However, you can take several remedies to ‘mend’ your smile, like having clear braces or whitening your teeth. Either way, you should not be ashamed of your smile regardless. 

Smile more often when talking on the phone. It might sound weird, but it’s the truth. If you smile while talking on the phone, people can hear that in your voice, and it will make them feel better too.

Practice Gratitude

It can be challenging to feel happy about yourself if you always focus on what is wrong with your life or the things that frustrate you. However, studies show that people who practise gratitude are more likely to stay optimistic, even in tough times, and are happier overall because they appreciate the good things that happen over time.

Practice gratitude for things you are grateful for at the moment, whether it is something big or small. You can also try to be more aware of all the good things that happen to you over time by keeping a journal where you write down what goes right each day instead of focusing on what went wrong.

Eat and Drink Well

Having a healthy appetite and enjoying the food you eat is one of the most common ways to feel happy about yourself. Food can bring people together, whether it’s a family dinner or going out with friends over drinks. The drive home after a successful meal is always great. It’s also worth noting that many studies show that eating well will make you feel good.

Dress Up

Dressing up is a great way to feel good about yourself. If you feel frumpy and not so happy with how you look, go out and find that perfect dress or outfit. You will be surprised at the difference it makes in your mood.

Have Time for Yourself

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, you can feel like a new person. Your health needs to find time in the day for yourself because no one else will do this for you. Whether taking an hour or two away from work and watching your favorite show, having some alone time is crucial to your mental health. 

Sometimes you want to lay down and do nothing, even if it’s only for an hour or two. Take advantage of this time because one day you won’t have the chance anymore.

Volunteer for a Cause You Believe In

Volunteering is an excellent way to feel good about yourself and help others at the same time. It’s a win-win situation that will make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself and your life overall.


It is important to remember that there are always ways to feel better about yourself no matter what you are going through. Whether it be finding a new hobby or starting your own business, these activities will help make you feel happy and accomplished in the end.

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Last Update: Saturday, 18th September 2021