Life is buzzing, and you often find yourself running after time. We all do. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to stop and create a moment of peace for yourself, with your partner or with your children. After all, you can’t live a life of stress without recharging your batteries. Indeed, while you can find nutritious fuel for your body through the right food all day long, the fuel for your soul isn’t that easy to get by. That’s exactly why you need some me time, couple time and naturally family time. It’s important that you separate these types of emotional energy in your life. It is a common mistake for new mothers to focus so much on their role as a mummy that they forget that they are also a woman and a wife – or a girlfriend. You don’t need to choose your role; you can be a parent, a lover and a strong woman.

The Indispensable Me Time

You need to allow yourself some me time, even if you want to be a good parent. Not looking after yourself and maintaining your bubble of peace and happiness will have lasting consequences over your parenting skills and your love life. In other words, you need to take the time to have some guilt-free me time. The important thing about me time is that you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. You deserve to treat yourself, even if it is only with a shopping trip or a ride on your new bike. You need to take the time to do something you want for yourself, and that makes you happy.

Time For You And Your Darling

Without going back to the biology lessons, you became a mum as a result of your happy relationship with your partner. There is no reason why being parents should mean that your relationship is a thing of the past. You need to make time for each other to keep your bond strong and make it through family life with a smile on your lips. You could leave the children with their grandparents and look out for great romantic ideas on to find a restaurant or a luxury getaway for the two of you. Togetherness is at the core of a love relationship, so it’s something that you need to work at even when you both think that your sole duty is parenting. Think about it this way: Too many couples break up as a result of not spending enough time together after they’ve had children. Don’t be one of them.

Family Time To Get Together

Being a parent is fun and challenging. You need to remember that your role as a parent is to help your children to grow and to create a sense of family togetherness for them. In other words that means that you are here to advise, to guide, to tell them off when they are misbehaving, and to play with them too. In response to the latter, has compiled a list of fun outdoor activities for the summer to keep the whole family entertained. For older children who can read and write, a game of lawn scrabble is a great way to spend the Sunday afternoon together. If you want to challenge your flexibility, why not try a game of twitter in the garden? All you need to do is to paint the board on the lawn.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 18th July 2017