Bath salts can be used to elevate your bathing experience, creating a spa-like environment in your very own home. They can be combined with other oils and foams to boost your bath and enjoy some me-time when it’s needed most. Bath salts can come in a number of different forms, designed to soothe, restore or calm your mind and body. Thanks to natural ingredients, bath salts can have a lasting effect on your skin and your wellbeing.

If you’ve never used bath salts before, or you’ve been wondering why they are so popular, Westlab offer some insights into the different types of bath salts and their unique benefits.

What are the different bath salts?

Most regular cosmetic bath salts comprise of straightforward Sodium Chloride (rock salt) or Maris Sal (sea salt) with fragrances and other additives mixed in.

However, there are three main types of mineral-rich bath salts, each with unique properties that can offer additional benefits to mind, body and skin. They can be used together or separately, depending on the experience you’re trying to create.

Taking a bath can be incredibly relaxing, especially if you’ve had a long or tough day. Mineral bath salts can be added to your bath to promote healthy skin, muscle relaxation and even support sleep. 

Dead Sea, Epsom and Himalayan are the three most popular types of these bath salts available, each made from natural minerals that your body actually needs in order to function properly. Let’s take a closer look.

Dead Sea bath salt

The Dead Sea has long been renowned for its mineral-rich waters, with interest in the area dating back to Queen Cleopatra and the Ancient Egyptians. An abundance of minerals can be found in the waters of the Dead Sea, including magnesium and potassium, both of which can contribute to soft, healthy-looking skin.

This type of bath salt makes a great natural, gentle exfoliator and can improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture, which is important for healthy, happy skin. Dead Sea salt is also often used to help soothe and nourish dry, irritated skin. It is popular for use on skin that can be prone to conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, as it helps protect the skin barrier. 

Epsom bath salt

Epsom bath salt gained its name due to the English town of Epsom, which was home to one of the first natural spas in the country. It became known as a spa destination, with a spring that produced mineral-rich water.  Despite the spa being closed in the early 20th century, they are still known as Epsom bath salts today.

Epsom bath salts contain magnesium sulphate, which is needed for our body’s functions and processes. Magnesium plays a vital role in cell metabolism, and can be absorbed into the body to soothe and prevent soreness, cramps and tension in your muscles after exercise. Sulphate is important to help your body’s detoxification process, removing the toxins that build up due to exercise. 

Epsom bath salts are particularly helpful in soothing and relaxing your muscles after any kind of exercise. If you have taken part in intense exercise such as marathon, you can even use a whole 1kg of Epsom salt in your bath to help with recovery.

Himalayan bath salt

Himalayan bath salt is made from pink crystal salt formed over 250 million years ago, sourced from the Himalayan Mountain range. Its signature pink colour is the result of 84 minerals and elements, which include magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium.

This type of bath salt has become synonymous with cleansing and purifying your skin, resulting in radiant and healthy-looking skin from head to foot. Creating an ultimate spa-like experience, it can be very soothing and relaxing, giving you the chance to pamper yourself.

What else can you use in your bath?

You can also buy magnesium flakes which are similar to bath salts, which can aid relaxation and sleep. Magnesium is essential for the body, but it’s not produced by your body. This means it needs ongoing replenishment, usually from your diet. However, magnesium flakes can be used in transdermal bathing, whereby active ingredients can be delivered across the skin.

Magnesium flakes can act as a supplement to help maintain optimum magnesium levels, while also helping to calm and relax mind and body.

I love my bath time and having the perfect bathroom set up and the fabulous bath salts, it’s perfect for relaxing after a long day of working from home and kiddies duties.

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Last Update: Saturday, 18th September 2021