When I was growing up it’s fair to say my Mumma shielded us little ones from the many torrents of the grown-up world. We always had meals, we always had clean clothes, and everything always just worked! As a grown-up myself, with little ones, I now realise just what Mumma had to go through – not just the chores and daily tasks but making sure everything ticked along nicely. When Beko shared their new laundry hacks I couldn’t help but share it with you.

The door won’t unlock

This happens to me ALL OF THE TIME. I find it so frustrating. Your washing cycle is complete, and the washing is just sitting in the drum, locked. Not sure if it’s the electrics of our washing machine or not, but if you simply turn the machine off at the plug, wait 60 seconds and then turn it back on again – it should then open. Or, if your machine is really not letting go put it on its shortest cycle (usually a spin) and then it should unlock after this. 

Using a pre-wash

I had absolutely no idea that a pre-wash cycle with stain remover helps to get rid of stains on your clothes. The kids always have stained clothes – uniforms are covered in paints and muds, grass stains. Dinner stains. You name it. So I will be trying this when I next do the laundry. 

Cleaning your washing machine 

It never occurred to me that the washing machine needs to be cleaned. Using an anti-limescale powder in the machine can help to reduce the build-up of detergents and softeners and clean your machine. Put the powder in the detergent tray and make sure you put it on a cycle without any clothes in it. This will ensure that the clothes do not get damaged from the limescale remover. 

Leave the door open

I had no idea that bacteria could build up inside the washing machine – so keeping the door open after use means that air can get into the drum. Such a simple hack – but absolutely brilliant. I will make sure the door is left open when we are not using it. 

Sweat stains 

WOW! This tip has changed my life as Hubby and Noah are very sporty, sometimes their t-shirts do not seem 100% clean. Using a little white vinegar on the sweat stain before washing can help to eliminate the stain and smell. GENIUS! Simply add the white vinegar on to the armpit area and rub it slightly before putting the clothes into the machine, then wash on the normal cycle. 

What is your favourite tip, or do you have a new tip to share? I would love to know how you look after your washing machine in the comments below or on social media. 

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Last Update: Sunday, 5th July 2020