One of the most nostalgic aspects of having had a Great British childhood is looking back with fondness on Sunday afternoons, when all of the family got together and fought over a sumptuous banquet. Though these family occasions are to be cherished, the morning that invariably preceded them is probably not remembered too fondly by the overworked chef in the kitchen. Whether it was our mother or father who slaved away for hours to whip up the fantastic spread, juggling a thousand things at once, one thing’s for sure: Sunday mornings might be easy, but Sunday roasts aren’t.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Huge strides in culinary technology have opened up all sorts of shortcuts and labour-saving methods of achieving succulent methods with a fraction of the time invested. Follow the step-by-step guide below, and you’ll be enjoying all of the rewards of proper Sunday dinner – without as much of the hassle.shutterstock_290009990

The meat

The central part of any roast meal is, of course, the meat. Whether it be beef, lamb, chicken or otherwise, making sure you have a tender and juicy animal to tuck into will make or break your dinner. John Torode, the presenter of Masterchef, has shared his own simple tips and tricks with the Guardian for all kinds of fare, whether it be a “big, four-bone rib of beef”, “steamed roast chicken” or a “one-pot roast lamb”. Follow his straightforward instructions and you’ll get it right, every time.

The roast potatoes

Almost as integral a part to the dish as the meat (and for some people, even more crucial), roast potatoes can be another logistical nightmare when trying to time all of the different components of the dish to perfection. Why not make things easy on yourself by leaving it up to the masters? McCain roast potatoes use only the finest, locally-sourced potatoes, ensuring that as long as you follow the idiot-proof cooking guidelines on the back, they’ll come out crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

The Yorkshire puddings

Contrary to popular belief, Yorkshire puddings are a doddle to whip up every time and take less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Many people fret about achieving the right consistency and rise, but if you get your quantities right, you’ll never mess them up. This five-star formula from All Recipes mixes equal parts flour, eggs and milk, along with oil, salt and pepper in a baking tray and cooks for as little as four minutes before your perfect pastries will be ready to eat.

The gravy

Gravy represents a veritable minefield when putting the finishing touches to your roast extravaganza. Hours of hard work in the kitchen can be ruined by a sauce that’s too runny or too lumpy, too rich or too bland, too thick or too thin. If you really want to make it easy on yourself, simply make use of Knorr’s gravy pots, an ingenious invention which combines all of the hearty flavours of a homemade gravy with absolutely none of the fuss.

And voila! Sunday roast dinner is served.

Roast potatoe image and family meal time image by ShutterStock.

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