The smallest folding buggy with a big thumbs up!

We recently got back from our summer holiday in Turkey and if it wasn’t for this incredible invention it would have been quite tough: the BabyZen Yoyo. You may have recently read my article on travelling abroad with small children which gave you a little clue as to how efficient the buggy was on holiday.



The stroller is extremely light weight, it folds up into a drawstring bag and has a brilliant strap on it so that you can carry on your shoulder. The idea was that we would use this feature and the fact that it is so lightweight to carry it on to the plane as hand luggage, with the children and our actual hand luggage. It didn’t quite work out that way as our plane was a smaller plane and they didn’t except it as hand luggage size. So I am guessing if you are on a long haul flight you will be fine.

It came in handy on holiday for a number of reasons, firstly we were in an apartment up a flight of stairs and at night when Isla was snoozing in the stroller we needed to get her upstairs. The weight was literally Isla. Me and Dean could easily carry them up the stairs, in fact I carried her up the stairs on my own one night. The maneuverability of the stroller is so fantastic, it doesn’t feel like you are pushing anything and it steers so gracefully that you can just do it with one finger. The best stroller I have used by far since having my wee babies. Despite the fact it is so lightweight, we took it on various walks in Turkey, outside of the Holiday Village and the terrain was far from perfect to walk on, let alone push a buggy and we had no problems what so ever. Easy as perfect shiny marble floors, with a few bumps along the way.


Folding buggy

This buggy is a remarkable one, not only does it fold down quickly and easily, it is the smallest folding buggy currently on the market. The urban buggy weighs only 6kg, I wouldn’t say it isn’t a struggle to carry it, it weighed like a shopping bag full of shopping on my shoulder – I could cope, lets put it that way! To close it down, you pull a lever under the bum area of the buggy and push it down and it folds up, the handles then fold back and you have yourself a folded buggy. There is a security clip that prevents it from bouncing back open too. Then to un-fold it, you simply unclip it and hey presto – you have a buggy. It is really easy. You can unclip it with one hand, really easily – it does take two hands to fold it back up, but even that process can be done relatively quickly. As I found out when I had to collapse it in the tunnel on entering the plane, when they took it off of us unexpectedly. I had to do it really quickly with a queue full of people behind me and two small children wanting to get on their plane. Pressure, but I did it without getting anyone moaning at me.

You can see the YouTube video from BabyZen here, which demonstrates how easy the functions are to use and how quickly the buggy flips into the folded position:

Colours and specs

The buggy comes in a range of colours, from fabric colours to frame colours and you can mix it up so you have the preferences you would like. You can get the buggy from 0+ and 6months+. We had a lovely pink buggy to use whilst we were in Turkey and it was perfect for little Isla. She loved it. I love the matching footmuffs and umbrellas too – very fashionable.

So to summarise, it is good looking buggy, it is robust, it is easy to collapse and easy to flip up and it is really comfortable. How do I know? Well just look at little Isla on our boat trip in Turkey. I think she was comfortable.


For a list of stockists go to Details of packages & accessories Whitestep RRP Complete pack £445, New born £375, 6+ £319. Babyzen Yoyo has recently won the Mums Net award, as if you needed more confirmation on what buggy to choose next!

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The smallest folding buggy with a big thumbs up!

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