Noah was sent a very different kind of digger from Learning Resources, a Dino Construction Brachiosaurus Backhoe. I have never seen anything like this before and Noah absolutely loved it. Not only is it a digger, its a dinosaur and more importantly it’s a hiding place for Noah’s trains (from Isla).


I am really impressed with how sturdy the toy is, the wheels are like “proper” diggers with the threads that move around and it teaches Noah about the different types of vehicles. I love all the little details about the digger, like the dinosaur tracks on the threads. Great idea and I am looking forward to setting up the sand pit to see the impression that digger makes.


The Dino Construction Brachiosaurus Backhoe has a lot of great features:

  • Telescopic neck
  • Movable jaws
  • Digger arm with scoop
  • 360° rotating cab
  • Dino track threads

But I think Noah’s favourite feature is the mouth with the moveable jaws, he loves putting things in the jaws and closing them – hiding them from Isla. He thinks it’s brilliant and I will spend hours hunting the playroom to find all the toys, to put them neatly away for the next day and it takes me a long time to hunt them all out of Noah’s little hiding spaces. I obviously check their first now!


The best way for Noah to show you how much he liked his new Dino Construction digger is by video, so he did this little video for you all:

He loves playing with the digger and its great how the digger can be used with all the other toys and it fits in just nicely.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018