One thing I have loved during lockdown, is getting to know the fabulous local businesses around me. Sensory Philosophy is one of them; they make homemade luxury home fragrances right here in Cambridgeshire. And not only that, it is their 1st birthday tomorrow! It has been so lovely bringing in a little Christmas over the past couple of weeks, starting with these gorgeous fragrances.

Sensory Philosophy is a company run by the lovely Amelia and her clever mother-in-law. They make the candles and diffusers in Cambridgeshire and they also have a French base too. The candles are made from 100% soy wax, they are hand stirred and poured to ensure the finest finishes. They really do look luxurious. But better than that they smell amazing. 

Christmas candle

The Christmas limited-edition fragrances  

Sensory Philosophy have created new limited-edition fragrances just for Christmas and they smell divine! The two fragrances are: 

  1. Vanilla, Cinnamon and Clove = Ava
  2. Clove, Orange and Cedarleaf = Clémence

The best way to describe these smells are “they smell like Christmas”. Let me elaborate. 

The first fragrance, Ava, smells just like a Christmas bake; you get sweetness from the vanilla, a spicy aroma from the cinnamon and nutmeg. It really just has that Christmassy smell that you will love filling your home with. 

The second fragrance, Clémence, has a really light and fresh smell to it, you can quickly pick out the orange with a kind of earthy, almost woody, smell from the Cedarleaf. 

Both fragrances make me think of when you come home from a lovely Winter walk in the forest and you get home to a festive Christmas something baking in the oven. You can’t beat that nostalgic feeling. 

Christmas candles

Christmas products 

You can buy Candles and diffusers in the Christmas limited-edition range, direct from the Sensory Philosophy website. The diffusers last 3-5 months, depending on the size and the candles have a burn time of at least 35 hours. The travel candles have a burn time of 10 hours. 

I have added the links to the products below, along with their prices, so that you can quickly get to the items you want: 

Diffusers come in large and medium. 
Ava (Vanilla, Cinnamon and clove) in large is £26 and medium is £18. 
Clémence (Clove, Orange and Cedarleaf) in large is £26 and medium is £18. 

The Candles come in medium and travel sizes. 
Ava (Vanilla, Cinnamon and clove) in large is £28, medium is £20 and travel size is £8.
Clémence (Clove, Orange and Cedarleaf) in large is £28, medium is £20 and travel size is £8.


They hand pour the carefully blended oils and they travel in a spill safe bottle too. I loved setting them up, it gave me the chance to get a really good sniff of the wonderful scents. 

Candle boxes

I love the way the items were packaged up, they looked beautiful in their bags and boxes. It was like opening up presents on Christmas morning. All of the packaging is made from recyclable goods and is reusable too. So, I can reuse the diffusers as a mini vase when I have finished with them or use the candle pots as a pretty keepsake jar. They are really elegant and look lovely in my home.


First birthday discount offer 

For tomorrow only, Thursday 19th November 2020, Sensory Philosophy are offering their customers a 10% all of the Christmas range, including the candles and diffusers you have seen in this post. They will make such great Christmas gifts for your loved ones! 

Christmas delivery dates for the UK are Tuesday 8th December 2020, so if you want to order something for a Christmas gift you will need to get your order in, on or before, this date. 

What fragrance do you think you would like best? I would love to hear in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. Don’t forget you can follow Sensory Philosophy on IG too: @sensoryphilosophy

SP candle

I was gifted these items in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and photography are my own.

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