Isla was so excited to receive the Jumbo Advent Calendar from  PLAYMOBIL®. We are big fans of advent calendars which you may have realised from previous years and we are also huge fans of  PLAYMOBIL®. So, this review takes the format of: summary of the jumbo advent calendar and then photo by photo of what is in each box. Hugeeeee spoiler alert for this post, but for those grown ups looking to purchase the perfect calendar (I think this is it) then you need to see what you get.

What is the Family Christmas Jumbo advent calendar?

This jumbo advent calendar comes in 2 parts that make the anticipation of opening each door and build up to Christmas just magical. On day 1, or at the end of November, you build the house. It is a fantastic little house for all PLAYMOBIL® characters, you do not have to use it just for the advent calendar. Then each day you open up either a piece of furniture, clothes, characters and on Christmas Eve you get the final piece: a light up tree. Yes it actually lights up!

TIP – make sure you have AAA batteries at the ready on Christmas Eve for the tree.

Now that you have read what the calendar is, I will show you what is in each box. So, if you don’t want to see the each piece individually please look away now and go and buy your very own one on the PLAYMOBIL® website. Or get the grown up to buy you one.

What’s behind each advent door?

We are going to open the doors together, I have listed what is behind each door followed by a gallery of photos to show you exactly what that is and then finally; how it all comes together. We loved this calendar so much.

First up you have to build the house. This took Isla about 15 minutes, the instructions were clear and the pieces were easy to slot together. It is really clever how the house comes together.

Then each day, throughout December, you open up a door and get either a piece of furniture for the house or item of clothing and the characters to play with too.

  1. Mummy character (this is what Isla has called Mummy)
  2. Dressing table
  3. Make up
  4. Chandelier
  5. Clothing unit
  6. Golden Christmas dress
  7. Mirror
  8. Snowman
  9. Window flower pots
  10. Post box
  11. Child (Isla said this was her)
  12. Unit and decorations
  13. Childs dress
  14. Candles and flower pot
  15. TV unit
  16. Daddy and Champagne
  17. Cake stand and cupcakes
  18. Cake table and Christmas cake
  19. Present
  20. Friend of the family
  21. Table and flower pot
  22. Christmas biscuits and drinks
  23. Present
  24. Light up Christmas tree (it needs 2 AAA batteries)

What it looks like on Christmas Day?

When you have opened all of the doors you have a great family house on Christmas Day. They have Christmas goodies and clothes to celebrate. They have furniture to last the year too, so you can carry on playing with the house and characters until next Christmas. It is such a great idea. I love the chandelier. I think it looks really pretty at night time too when the house is dark and the Christmas tree lights up through the window – it really brings the home to life.

I absolutely adore this calendar, it was fun prepping the house before December and it was exciting building up the furniture and house scene as you opened up each door. For the purposes of this review Isla did open up all the doors at once and it took us about 2 hours to complete from house to number 24. I love the fact that you can combine this toy with other PLAYMOBIL® toys too, like the cafe and flower shop.

PLAYMOBIL® have lots of fantastic advent calendars this year, ranging in prices, the Family Christmas Jumbo Advent Calendar is £49.99. Which I think is a great price as your child has a PLAYMOBIL® house and furniture to play with all year round.

Below are some more photos of Isla building and then playing with the calendar. She really loves it and I enjoy seeing her play with it throughout the day. It has become part of our Christmas decor and I might hide little presents in it on Christmas morning (just to keep the magic alive).

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024