Domu, VonHaus, have challenged me to a 14 day cleaning challenge covering a wide range of activities across the home. Resulting in a nice tidy house at the end of it. I love a challenge and this one is perfect for right now as our house is all upside down and needs a good clean. Here is day 12…

Day 12

Wash out your shower, shower screen and/or bath.

I do love to have a nice shiny bathroom. Taps are a big thing for me. If I see a grubby tap, I have to get the antibacterial wipes out and clean them. Even at work! Weird I know. This shower is fab, it is so powerful. It’s incredible. It’s nice to own a great shower. The only thing I am not so used to yet is the water tank. We have never had one before. So cutting my showers short is not so great, especially when the shower is really good.

I use a limescale remover on the shower head, I leave it on over night and then give it a great scrub the next morning. This helps keeps the shower head free from grime and we never get blocked holes. I hate it when you get in showers and half of the shower head doesn’t work because it’s blocked!

Do you have any tips for cleaning the shower? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Friday, 31st January 2020