Ever since the first escape room opened in 2007, they have spread from Japan to Eastern Europe to the United States. The rooms are great for bonding with friends and corporate team building. I absolutely loved it. You may be thinking of hosting an event at one of these rooms, but wondering what exactly they entail. Are they dangerous? Will someone be able to participate if they are physically challenged? Is an escape room appropriate for children? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Escape rooms are safe, accessible and fun for the whole family. It helps to know a bit about what to expect before you make your first visit.

History of Escape Rooms

The concept of escape rooms came from a 2004 video game called Crimson Room in which players had to get out of a room by asking questions of various characters and solving problems. In 2007 a Japanese company called SCRAP opened the first actual escape room. The concept caught on in Asia and then Europe. Americans began opening their own rooms in 2011. Today escape room games are springing up all over the country.

What to Expect

Escape rooms are awfully popular, so it is a good idea to reserve your room well in advance. You should arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can get started right on time. A host will then go over rules and safety tips with you.

Escape rooms are very safe. There will be someone watching you every step of the way via the many security cameras that are in each room. You will never have to do anything that puts you in any physical danger and if anyone has a bout of claustrophobia, they can simply leave the room.  

Each room has a specific back story and theme. Escape room themes include such things as breaking out of prison, stealing jewels and even stopping an angry email from getting to your boss. Once you are in the room, you and your team will find riddles and puzzles that will lead you to clues that will help you get out of the room. 

Tips for Breaking Out 

To successfully abscond from an escape room, a team should elect a leader who will assign tasks to people based on their strengths. Be sure to look for certain decoration themes in the room. If there are a lot of clocks, you may want to take a close look at them to see if there is a clue attached to one of them or if time figures significantly into one of the clues. Be sure to turn over items you find on desks around the room and look under tables and chairs for any leads that may be there. 

Escape rooms are not only a fun way to spend an hour or two; they are also a great way to get to know the people you work with and find out how they think. If someone is good with numbers, you know that they think logically. If someone finds clues quickly, it may be indicative of an analytical mind. You can also find out what weaknesses you have as a team and what issues you need to work on. The challenges are a way to develop your mind and thought process.

Freeing oneself from a bad situation is an important skill for anyone to possess. Escape rooms give you a chance to hone that skill with a group of people in a fun and safe atmosphere.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 30th September 2020