Creating a homelearning egg hunt around your home with #Haribo

Whilst we are still in the Easter holidays, I thought I would share a fun idea to keep the children entertained (and the grown-ups for setting it up). This is a homelearning egg hunt, the prizes could be anything from a bag of sweets to tokens towards something else. Like earning so many minutes of tablet time that day. My kids love earning things. 

Setting up the hunt 

Clue 1

I created 5 clues, each with a maths problem and a letter. The 5 letters spell out a word, I chose an Easter theme with the word bunny. The maths sums total was the amount of bunny feet the kiddies had to take to get to the next clue. This helped them navigate around the gardens. I used a traditional egg hunt set around the house too, with signs to help the kiddies and a pack of bunny feet which came in very handy. 

Clue 1 – this was placed indoors as the kiddies started the hunt inside. The maths sum was a typical sum, but I tried not to make it too easy as I wanted them to sit and think about the answers for a few minutes. The answer to the sum was 5, so the kiddies knew they had to follow 5 bunny feet to the next clue. The letter was Y. 

Bunny feet

Clue 2 – this clue was 5 bunny steps away and in the front garden. The children loved it and the excitement on their faces grew with each step. The maths sum was about groups of numbers as that is what we are practising in maths. The answer was 4 and so they knew to take 4 bunny steps to the next clue. The letter was B. As you can see along the way they are collecting eggs with treats and sometimes a bigger bag of goodies. 

Clue 2

Clue 3 – this was hidden in the back garden on top of one of the rocks around our firepit area. I am trying to write the sums in different ways here, so they get used to reading sums in everyday language, a little life skill along the way. The answer to this sum is 3 and the letter is N. 

clue 3

Clue 4 – I hid this one in the plant pot in the corner of the garden. I thought it was funny. The answer to thesum was 5. This was an easy sum but with larger numbers – so they have to think about tens and taking away large numbers from large numbers. It was far too easy for them but nevertheless they need to practice. The letter was U. 

clue 4

Our final clue, 5, was hidden by our potting shed and the sum was a case of counting up the black dots and dividing them by 5. This was a little concentration and then simple maths. They liked this one and it did take them quite some time to count up the dots, which is what I intended. Letter was U. 

clue 5

So, at this point they had their 5 letters, which spelt out the words BUNNY. Once they worked out the word, they realised they had to find something bunny related in the garden and that was where the final prize was hiding. 


A big thanks to Haribo for sending us a package of Easter themed goodies to enjoy throughout lockdown. We had lots of fun making our homelearning egg hunt and this can be adapted for any aged child and use any prize along the way. Great fun for a stay at home activity. 


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  • Margaret Gallagher
    April 27, 2020

    Fun fun and more fun – great idea

    • Angela Sharp
      May 2, 2020

      I love this idea, looks like lots of fun, will definitely consider doing with my children.

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Creating a homelearning egg hunt around your home with #Haribo

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